The perception of decay

it is all change null
but ...

… the question is for whom  is the change    null

some changes feel like our lives are sprouting null null

others like they are  decaying null null

Seth says ...
I think it is great, nathan,  that you enjoy all that you create null

… but it is a change of subject from my though above The Climate is always changing (comment 80996)

#Decay was first pointed out to me in a Steiner book … which a search of the archives might retrieve. 

Perceiving  decay is part of  recognizing life itsef … not your own life, but the life all around you … which at times you may (or may not) be a party to yourself. 
Be as oblivious to #decay as a blind man
to the colors in living panorama in which you stand,
only if that is your gloat.

Steiner (#RS) uses the word “decay” frequently and in many contexts, which attests to how important the #perception was to him.   It is hard to find the exact passage that influenced me  over the years now.  The second paragraph of this lecture about COGNITION OF THE HIGHER WORLDS. INITIATION comes close … but is not exactly it.  The one that influenced me was an exercise where it was recommended that the student become aware of decay and learn to percieve it.    The perception of #decay is not the same as the #perception (and appreciation) of others … but it is definitely related.   It is related to to a higher perception of otherness … “higher” in the sense of getting out of just yourself. 

And yes, nathan, i realize you must revolt against such a thought
as you have done in The Climate is always changing (comment 81037).
It must contradict your very philosophy and the story that you have been living.

There is no need to tell me about it, i already know.
The thing to realize
about #decay
is that is
not about you
or yours.


Perhaps a diamond never decays, but then it might end up on the Sun .null

perceiving  a diamond as living is a bridge too far for me.
i can imply it conceptually in a thought …
but i cannot perceive it directly first hand.

Is the barn in the picture living?

easy to see that what was living there is now in deep #decay.

check out #ElliottFarm … i witnessed those barns in their final decay … now i doubt that anything remains except perhaps #blackerries … but i do not know … they might have built a condon on that land already yet.

just to keep the controversy going the carbon in a diamond was once living.

… yep that is the story … and i even believe it yes.  
but, like i already said,
i can imply it with my thoughts … i can tell a story about it …
but i cannot perceive it from outside my being.

Whatever your constant story is remember #CBF

… i perceive this comment thread as #decay.  
it is an excellent example of the phenomena.
Thanks, but no thinks.

just another of your #aug words. – not ruddy enough .. but 

Conversation forked to thought 24527

also it must be said that #decay is relative to each being.

generalize & relativize anything & anything you don’t want to acknowledge (the way it IS or the way it ISN’T)  – #CBG #CBF – enjoy & maybe laugh it off .
(← probably keeps the knats of his ass, though)

I have no idea what you are saying.

& you have no idea what YOU are saying either ! #CBG

“generalize & relativize anything & anything you don’t want to acknowledge (the way it IS or the way it ISN’T) ”  ~ mark

knowing that a thing is relative to another thing does not mean that you are not aware of it …. it just means that you know how to reckon (or measure) it.  Take “truth” for example … Truth does not go away when we understand that some people will perceive a proposition as true and others as false … that just means that i cannot be measured without knowing who is considering the proposition. 

I percieve that you don’t understand what relative means when you continually repeat “the way it IS or the way it ISN’T” …. which should be said “the way it IS or the way it ISN’T as perceived by person X”   For example:   the proposition “The sun rises in the East and sets in the West” should be felt to be true by every person on this Earth … but to people living on a planet which rotates the opposite direction it would be felt to be false.

Please don’t think that when i express someting as relative that i am telling a tale to make it go away … i am not!

For example #decay   Decay is just like truth, it is measured relative to a being.  The fungus here is flourishing and not decaying … but it is decay to the tree.

Making everything relative is another way to avoid the notion that there is TRUTH independent of your selfie!

… no it is to  more accurately describe the universe … and frequently if your selfie is involved the relationship that “your selfie” has to the universe.

is it accurate to say that “the fungus is decay” ??  … NO!

saying that “the fungus is decay to the tree” … is far more accurate.


#Decay is a phenomena
which can only be understood,
if it is understood as
relative to some being.


The woodpecker who pecked and pecked at  this tree stump decayed the tree … relative to the tree her action was decay … but relative to the forest she helped  it flourish.

fact is this is not a revolutionary idea at all …
every naturalists thinks this way. 
There is no radical Bozometry in my use of #decay.
null Strange that some people rebel against
my recognition of the phenomena on fastblogit.

& you missed your shot again trying (not) to understand the point.  AMF

BTW interesting that I am talking about change & YOU are talking about decay

okay null

go back to where this came up in discussions about #globalwarming.   there you are talking about climate change … which shucks i totally agree, the climate is changing.  now look at how different humans are responding to that change.  maybe notice which responses can be seen as #decay relative to some beings … and which can be seen as decay relative to other beings.   which resonses can be seen as certain industries flourishing … and which responses can be seen as other industries decaying them.  

No need to do that! The climate & indeed the Universe is always in a state of change.  Time itself is only one way to try to grasp change. No need to consider decay ( a time or directional consideration) or any other particular form of change into the Climate discussion → it’s just a side track.null
Global warming/cooling is a political boondoggle.

… i think not .  
certain human beings responses relative to climate change
is exactly what we should be considering.
but let us not argue that here.

Leftie, globalists would say that not even acknowledging that their data is mixed on the subject AND who set them up as the determiners as to what should stay the same – now or 100 years ago (w/ no accurate measurements) … & nobody has ever found a better place than Chicago or Washington DC to stick the rectal thermometer of the EArth.
P.S. I nominate Washington State.

like i said above, let us not argue this here.

This thought is only about #decay … please respect its being !

You took my thought about change & morphed it into your decay! #CBG / #CBF Good boy! Adios.

well yes.

#decay is change.   its just a particular kind of change.  so, from my perspective, i took your thought about change and examened it in finer detail.  yes, that did morph it away from its singular pristine being in your mind … and yes phehaps relative to that “singular pristine thought being in your mind” what i did you experienced as decay … which story explains your negative reaction.   the knee jerk reaction to #decay is usually to #aug it … especially if what your ego has produced is what is being decayed.

a more useful reaction, imho,  would be to hair up to a larger understanding. 

look at the forest, not just what feels like decay to your selfie.

decay is e pluribus unum of kinds of change – nice place to focus

yes thanks.

the more specific, the more the focus. 

me, sometimes i love things the more specific they are.

all patterns have exceptions … does the pattern exist, or its exceptions?

tag #specificity

What do you do when a being of which you are a part starts to #decay ?  
Of course one thing you could do would be to separate yourself from that being. 
Another thing you could do is to notice what you were doing that was contributing to the decay.
I am sure there are many other changes that you could be made, one of them exemplified below.
But seems to be that being oblivious to the decay is a strange unproductive reaction.

For example, me and my family and my home form a being.  When i noticed that the back wall of my home was in #decay with dry rot, i rebuilt that wall.  This actually happen on Madden street in Los Angeles in a house that i owned.  Ignoring the dry rot was not an option.  Not recognizing it as decay would not have been wise.  It would not have been great for me an mine.  It would not have been great for our being together in that house.

being doesn’t decay – roses grow from manure piles

well if a rose be growing on a manure pile i certainly would not recognize the roses as #decay. 

But if i wanted a pristine pile of shit to be that same pile of shit forever … i would recognize the roses as the decay of that pile continueing to be.

Being still does not decay – if you notice existing, in & of itself, decaying let me know.

i notice things change all the time.  so much so that it is hard to imagine anything that is and does not change.

Can you point me to something that never changes? 

… or is that just you definition and belief about something that you call “being” ?

Check out Peter Ralston of Cheng Hsin & his books & then get back to me.  Such being does not involve #AlreadyAlwaysArguing & #opinion

We’ve already gone over everything’s changing – the Universe is always in motion & transformation

yes … and …
part of that change is some things flourish ing 
while in direct response
others are diminish ing.
All of which is parts of be ing.

But shucks, if “being” is assumed to never change,
then it is something else entirely.


#CBG xor #CBF #WhoKnows #WhoCares

it is true that humans be 
the final stage of #decay
to many other be ings. 

null or #aug#that just as you do.

Seems as if seth has #decay on the brain – maybe see a doctor or psychologist soon, eh?