The perception of decay - comment 81083

Mark de LA says ...
Whatever your constant story is remember #CBF


This is what happens when one stews in their own material – decay – I always say burn it it already decayed xor compost it!

Sometimes decay turns into #puss

notice how this spectacular thought       got excluded from this one
their beings are not compatible.
one or the other will flouring in your mind.

That is the nature of #decay.

One man’s decay is another man’s compost heap. Not having decay is like expecting to get milk from your cows & not having to shovel the shit. You & d’A…… are similar – he wants a postive-only universe & you want one without decay or at least your shit won’t decay …. good Luck

or more like one man’s decay is another mans life.
or said differently.
#decay is relative to each  being.

hopefully you have noticed that i am not #aug’ing #decay …
just perceiving where it is happening and to whom. 

#CBG null

#ConstantChange as a distinction needs no introduction or re-interpretations it just IS!  One can’t invalidate the notion without noticing that one is just trying to #change the constant change.  The speed of change, a slice of the #time thingy varies (another #change ) like the wind from a slight breeze to a massive hurricane xor a fart out of #BzoSButt . Another aspect, trying to confine change, is size – a fundamental distinction: