Our democracy manipulated by another country

#Trump #TrumpRussia #Facebook


#FakeNews #CBF – explain why Russia wouldn’t rather have #Hillary considering the 

Hmm… noboby forced the people to show up or listen or vote ….. kewl idea. #CBG

It would be good to make these “fake facebook advertisements” public …
that way people can become aware themselves of the sources of their motivations.

#Trump #TrumpRussia #Facebook

none of it motivated methumbs down more fake #Bullshit

yes i did not motivated me either … probably because i didn’t’t see any of it.  i do have a pretty eclectic set of so called friends on #Facebook but i doubt that any of them would have repeated obviously fake news. but, who knows, maybe a friend of a friend of one of my friends repeated it and i glanced at it go bye.  if these advertisements are made public, i might recognize one of them. 

It is not “fake #bullshit” that these advertisements were paid for by Russians.  That i do believe is a fact.  So i do not have any idea why you made that comment.  Do you mean that you do not like falseness to be advertised on Facebook?  In that case, then i agree.  But i do not know how to prevent it, do you?

I ignore advertisement & fake new stories especially on facebook since I noticed that when I googled or amazoned something and go to any depth looking around for something it shows up on drudge adverts or facebook . Still haven’t answered why the Russians wouldn’t have preferred Hillary .null especially since she is a deep socialist xor for that matter so is Bernie.