A lot of the yiking is written to encompass both subject & object whereas the Golden Rule generally is thought to be doer versus doee .  Better said in today’s throw P.1587 near the pekkwan active & passive comment. To be clear the oracle advice applies to both sides of any interaction.


some progress here

The shiny sword of Self pride ...

is but one side of  being together.

I don’t identify with either of your two pictures as related to this posting. #CBF xor #CBG may be hidden if I think about it – obsession rejected yet again.

think of subject and object … the same ones talked about in P.1587 as just parts of the same thing.  as two sides of the same coin.  identify with one and not the other at the risk of being one sided in relationship to the whole.

i have been thinking about, and experiencing, this a lot … and found my thoughts strangely null connected to #cfr’s document above.  it is understanable that my associations with it, might be a bit deep to casually absorb.  especially if your peculair  focus is not my peculair focus.   Mine peculair foucs  is why the bullying continues at fastblogit creating its #decay