TNR - Steve Hilton - Swamp Watch

The latest one may never appear on YouTube: 

Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are, in some ways, more powerful than our federal government.
I don’t seem to be able to embed it here.
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script><noscript>Watch the latest video at <a href="//"></a></noscript>



Interesting I can’t remove the offending script comment either or this thought. null

This is part of his program TNR (The Next Revolution will be Televised) on Fox .  Somewhat named after one of my favorite themed songs by Gil Scott-Heron see The Revolution will NOT be Televised .

yes there is some weirdness here about a thought containing a live script.  obviously it is a difficult thing to allow a thought to contain and then to run just any potential pestilence from the wideness of the web.  i am not sure we have it right now. 

another case where we get malfunctions is when we embed a tweet with media attached from twitter.  once published here the embed cannot be edited or it removes something from the XML and the tweet then does not display correctly again.

another case is where a graphic is dragged on top of a thought as a gadget and then cannot be deleted.  Only way to delete it then is by editing it out of the database.

These problems and several others only nathan can fix should he care to … or me or somebody else will need to come up to speed on the javascript programming related to live scripts in thoughts.

I get this when I try to edit this thought & remove the script remnants in the body of the thought. That was my point. The link to the video works nicely.

You should create a thought with a list of such editor specific things.
They need to be filtered out (xml stripped) on a case by case basis coming back from the editor (since the editor is 3rd party software).

Please do not create tags, they are useless.
Please do not create bug lists … we don’t generate bug code here, we generate solutions.  

Please do create a thought with exact cases with as much detail as can be had … including thought id’s of actual thoughts or comments having the issue so database can be examined.

yeah one problem that effects us in several places is that the editor can accept a script (embedded or not) under some permissions, but then once accepted into the database, that same thought or comment cannot cannot be reedited by the same person who organically made it.  

nathan is right in that each of these must be studied specifically.   I studied this embed here and in testing mark's embed "script" ...

This is the script to embed ...

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script><noscript>Watch the latest video at <a href="//"></a></noscript>

I’ll try to embed it in the next comment

apparently the embed editor accepts it, but strips it out and so nothing is recorded.  it is blank.  but i can edit the blank comment TNR - Steve Hilton - Swamp Watch (comment 81173).  which now shows the souce to be empty.

i can’t reproduce your requires right edit script warning message above … see testing mark's embed "script" ....  Most likely because group seth has script edit privileges that you don’t have.   But i don’t understand why you should not be able to edit the thought afterward.  The Embed Media editor seems to reject the scrip and leaves no trace in the HTML.  You should still have rights to edit that thought.   Perhaps the system recorded the thought as containing a script, even thought the script was rejected.  

So nathan there seems to be some confusion as to what constitutes a privileged script.  I don’t think that an accepted embed should be construed as a privileged script, and certainly not a embed that was completely stripped away.

well this thought and it’s associated test though, testing mark's embed "script" ..., is a “thought with an exact case with as much detail as is had”.   What else do you need?

A thought in an appropriate group that lists and talks about all such thoughts as the one you casually refer to here. But as I say, not a thought that focuses on bugs or problems. Thoughts like that will not be looked at. Rather, a thought that focuses on solutions … because as you have noticed, there are very few things here that are not well written … and that is precisely because I code utilizing the Law of Attraction … and it works so well, it’s the only way I will code from now on. Thanks!

As I said, the 3rd party editor allows things to happen that it shouldn’t. Those things I can strip out before they are sent to the database. Simple.

No thoughts should ever have scripts in them without right-edit-script privileges … but the 3rd party editor does not always detect such things correctly … and even though I appear to be correctly preventing malice, what goes around and back is mungned up if it is not filtered. Need exact examples of what to filter, that’s all. Simple.

That would of course be illegal.