Time Might Only Exist in Your Head. And Everyone Else's


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That article about Jared Kirschner in Wired registering as a female sounds like fake news to me.

Is this the movie that has all your ideas?

Well there are a lot of ideas in the movie that are not inconsistent with my own.  But i do not view this concept that we are creating which we call “consciousness” solely from the point of view of personal experience.  For me that would be like describing the left side of the skin of an elephant.  Rather i seek a view of consciousness that includes the interaction between beings as the primary cause of it happening.

So a tree falling on your head in the middle of a forrest would catch you without you being conscious or having consciousness.  How could you know you are alive without anybody else around?

BTW I only watched the beginning & ran into some of the time diagrams which looked like something you did recently, but I could not find.
For me time is just a relative abstraction of change – a fundamental property of existing.

Well a tree falling on my head in a windy forest is the interaction of the weather, the tree, and my head … as such if i have enough time to represent it happening in my being, then that representation is part of (but not all of) the consciousness of what happened. 

Well i would not be alive “without anybody else around”.   One thing that we should be able to agree upon, is that if we were not separated into separate individual beings, our consciousness would be quite different than it is.  So I think any description of this startling experience we call “consciousness” must necessarily incorporate that predicament as central and paramount to the experience itself.

Yeah it doesn’t work – no proof.  See how many people you know what’s in their consciousness without them talking to you or describing it before hand etc.
p.s. & even after they talk to you.

Well there is no doubt that experience changes … er in time … and since consciousness is an experience it too changes in a time sequence .   Also any description of the experience would necessarily be time stamped in a sequence of before and afters just as well.  So yeah in that context i agree, but i have no idea how you are connecting the flow of change in concisouness (and it’s subsequent description) to the essential interactions between beings on which the consciousness experience itself supervenes.

#CBG too many abstract words – consciousness is simple – some part of the Ego knows it when it has it. The rest, as you interminably say, is story or most probably bullshit.

well that is my point … consciousness it is NOT just “some part of the Ego that knows it when it has it”.   Rather it is a thing that builds up over many many interactions between beings.  It is not just a property of a single Ego.  It is not just an experience of a single Ego.  Me thinks that kind of thinking about consciousness has so pervaded our understanding of this experience that we continually look for it in the wrong direction to actually see it.

Well, in the #CBS style of arguing – you point is only valid to you.  
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