Mark de LA says ...
Right after watching “Designated Survivor”  I ran into this one which explains racism & tribalism together:
on Foxnews same link:
I say approximately the same thing & emphasize being human! thumbs up
Worth watching even if you have only a partially opened mind. ~ it is only 3:44 minutes long


tribalism, or social bonding between individuals in groups against foreign others, is an essential part of being human.  doing away with group bonding would be a radical change to our human being and would fly in the face of millions of years of  evolutionary success.  i don’t believe that change to our beings, at this time, would be wise.  Individuals are good, Groups are good too … humanity is not just one big lump.  Plenty of examples can be provided if you doubt the connection of that narrative to the facts on the ground.

Consult the continent of Africa for more examples. Did you watch the video? Bonding with others has always been a nice thing. Choosing your tribe above others breeds isolation and mischief & everything else like the KKK, BLM, etc . Choosing your tribe above others based on RACE is RACISM – don’t do it!

well yes of course … many evils happen because of group bonding. 

i am saying, let us not throw out the baby with the bath water.   The problem is not with group bonding itself.

You’re full of slogans which do not convince. You seem to dislike racisim of other tribes & yet you want to preserve your own!

My slogons point to large backgrounds of thought and context used frequently in our literature.  The “baby-bathwater” one is quite referential and  succinctly refers to a large context.  Share it with me please if we are working together here.

I can’t make any sense at all of your last sentence … i have no idea to what it refers.   If it is important to an common understading between us, could you be more explicit.  if it is only your usual insult of my, than please to forget it entirely.

Years ago ~ 1988 during TR cert – I watched the Brown Eyes – Brown Eyes - Blue Eyes Experiment .  Nowadays they are teaching “white privilege” shaming in the schools.  Apparently one tribe didn’t get the point!

All you have to do is watch the Tucker Carlson 3.4.. minute video & most importantly open your mind & quiet the garbage going on inside.

i watched the 3.4 minutes of Tucker Carlson telling his story. 
I also found his thoughts splattered all over an obvious racist twitter feed
So-what that he can concoct a story justifying to himself the story he tells from his Foxnews podium.
There is nothing there which changes my mind about tribalism in any rational or heart felt way. 

yes individuals can bond together according to arbitrary characteristics.  So what?  
the point is what the group does once it has  bonded
For example it might engages in bullying others … just like individuals bully each other to form a pecking order.  That does not mean that bonding together based upon any criteria implies that one must bully the other.  

Does it?

OK so #IDC what you say about race anymore – your mind closed – opinion jerked-off! null

shucks i thought we were getting somewhere.   i had expected you to bring up what #RS said about tribalism.  That has direct bearing here.   Discussing that without attacking each other and staying focused on that might just lead to a common understanding.

Christ is above tribes & nation spirits etc – pro human – the Ego of the Earth & the human race – no need to discuss!

”no need to discuss” appears to be a description of a “closed mind” that you project upon me in Tribalism (comment 81296).

Arguing with Steiner on a subject you already know about should be silly xor absurd – else #CBF