Hmmm.... Goose Assholes

This morning while pondering what should happen to the Las Vegas shooter in a cosmic soul sense I heard in my mind’s ear, trance-like as if from an alien voice the words:

Something filthy & painful! 

My heart skipped several beats … normally I am a Golden Rule kind of guy. 
Nobody can do anything about what happened now. I might have had something similar going on in my mind when I heard they finally captured Bin Laden.  null Hmmm… now I wonder what the Whisperer in my mind’s ear had for me in her mind to consider ...


you are the first i have noticed who thought of #vengeance

.. not really vengeance more like punishment.  I think it is healing instead of asking the usual why? which is only an open ended question the media likes to peddle which keeps the people locked in sorrow & pain.
Obviously the perp will not be punished in this lifetime – it being #done .  It was just amusing that showed up as an answer without a contemplation & argument in my mental space. laughing

okay so no #vengenance.

one punishes so it won’t happen again. 
In this case, what do we punish?

Don’t go too deep on this one.


It was mark plays god for a moment of mirth.

i am “playing god” over here in “You are but one neuron in our being ...null
also my awareness in watching the live thought feed → for  #LasVegasShooting …
it’s what i do.

I am wondering if there is a connection between the shooter & a Philippine terrorist group – ISIS associated.