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nothing new here except leftie opinions & twits .  you have never been to Puerto Rico. You are just watching your domain of the news which plump-up on Twitter. I have actually been to Puerto Rico on my way to the Virgin Islands, but wouldn’t expect everything to change back, instantly, to the way it was after a direct hit from hurricane Maria. Maybe think of Huston, the keys, Florida etc – the complaints are not as loud.  Besides lefties can get excited again about gun control due to the LasVegas massacre. See my Hmmm.... Goose Assholes if confused.

Don’t you think that if he is leading the FEMA recovery effort, that those are the things that he should bring to the table?   Maybe he could cut some of the red tape that might be holding thing up.  Or do you think that telling stories about himself and others is going to help #PuertoRico at all?

If FEMA covers Puerto Rico then the Director of FEMA is the person with direct responsibility. The president is the president of the whole country. One who is a leader has to delegate & can’t do it all by himself.  I found that being head of QA for projects involving software that I was inundated with people who wanted answers etc & could never talk to them all & get anything done on any one project.  Now imagine that for 300+ million people & an uncountable number of projects & problems with a leftist looser crowd working directly against him using the M$M to brainwash the people & you might understand some of the context. What are your solutions ? What are you going to do with gasoline, just drop it in big bags on the island ?  Is there infrastructure to use it & receive it?  I think the basics of medicine, healthcare,food, water, shelter & other necessities come first. Anyway, trump is down there now to see what is really needed.  The governor is cooperating, some asshole mayor is parroting leftist anti-trump shit. 

well let us see live whether #Trump is helping #PuertoRicoor just talking about himself …

Obama #OTH couldn’t get through any speech without talking about himself & using the word “I” an uncountable number of times in all. 

seems this thread is not going anywhere …  seems it’s not getting any closer to a better understanding of what is happening.  you see, i can’t imagine how your negative judgments of my thinking would even possibly connect with my negative judgments of #Trump’s leadership … or what any of that could possibly connect with what Obama did years ago. 

who knows but i can imagine that if we can at least understand how this thinking thread is not connecting anything up, we might even conceive of how it could null

#CBF xor #CBG xor #CBT

So “instead” #Trump conspicuously throws rolls of paper towls to #PuertoRico people trying to rebuild.

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Puerto Rico was in trouble long before the Hurricane hit: