The human personality

Seth says ...
Wel i do understand nathan’s philosophy of always seeing the positive relative to himself and of ignoring everything else.

Me, i tend to do the same, but my idententity of self is not so very narrow and fixed and grand as  his seems to me.  Mine changes all the time.  There was a time when i strongly identified with #p2 … i was it’s being … or rather it’s being was me.  I’m calling that crazy now … and i even called it crazy then … facts being what they were.  There was a time when i strongly identified with #CyberMind be ing.  Well it exists now in a manner of speaking but we did not create it.   There was even a time when i identified strongly with #ThinkingDomains be ing.  Currently i am tending to identify with that which we humans create together … relative to that i perceive nathan’s actions here as negative. 

To me, it is all about  how these circles (networks) of interactions are drawn and defined and maintained and change.  I do not draw my identity circle only around my personal inside story.  What i actually do and say and feel in the world with others in a network of interaction is far more important to me than the story of my inside personal life.  I am sure others do that quite differently and that is their right … just as my philosophy is also my right to choose and  act out.  If you, or nathan want to tell my story, then please make sure that i agree with it … otherwise it seems to me that you are just stabbing me in the heart.

if you grock what i have just said the way i do, then you will also recognize that it follows directly from the #LOA philsophy of “seeing the positive relative to myself and of ignoring everything else”.   Eh?

… and, by the way, my philosophy also incorporates people sharing feelings, or #empathy, something that nathan’s philosophy apparently does not because in his philosophy everybody is 100% in total control of their own feelings.

It interesting to note how starlings fly together.  It is their #personality … it is a  most wonderful aspects of starling’s personality.  Each species has its own personality, just like each individual person has their own personality.  Well there is a personality to humanity.  How we share thoughts and feelings and actions is a wonderful aspect of  humanity’s  personality. 

Let us not loose it for a passonate love of  just  one’s  individual inside story.