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Seth says ...
and, by the way, my philosophy also incorporates people sharing feelings, or #empathy, something that nathan’s philosophy apparently does not because in his philosophy everybody is 100% in total control of their own feelings.


think about it … there is no such thing as one hand clapping.

incidentally you left out the most important part …

if you grock what i have just said the way i do, then you will also recognize that it follows directly from the #LOA philsophy of “seeing the positive relative to myself and of ignoring everything else”. 

...without that my statement that you cut out is quite incomplete.

Feelings and empathy are very important in my understanding of the reality matrix. You keep twisting things seth, for reasons I can only guess at. I have never said anyone is in control of their feelings. I have said everyone is 100% responsible their reality experience. We each create what we experience. Control is another matter entirely. And feelings are a sense … we don’t control them … but like all senses, we can affect what is being sensed by where we focus our thoughts. For instance, one can cut their hand and focus on that cut and feel it intensly … or one can focus on a beautiful flower and harldy feel the pain of the cut, perhaps not at all. Focus of thoughts determine what information comes through senses, feelings included. But this is not controlling feelings … it is simple focus of attention, that is all. We don’t control feelings.

Feelings are an exteemly important sense. They tell us in real time about what we are thinking, and what we have been thinking. They let us know how close to our actual desired state of being we are in this moment. They give us information we can use to redirect our focus of thought in order to better match the state of being we most want to be determing our current experience. Empathy is a very important emotion. I have always said this. I have never said anything like what you porport that I have said in your statment above.

As far as sharing feelings, I don’t know exactly what you mean by that. Clearly two people can have similar feelings … and when two people focus their thoughts in the same way until they acheive similar states of being then they will be largly experiencing similar feelings as sensory feedback from that state of being. But that is not sharing the same feelings, it is just similar state of being … much like looking at the same landscape with the eyes. I would not say that two people looking at the same landscape are sharing sensory input. Two people would have to be in the same body to share sensory input, same with feelings.

great null … seems we are starting to think about psychology the same way … or said differently we are starting to share similar thoughts about our psychology.

I like that you separated “creation” from “control” … this is the first time i have heard you do that.  I too think those  things can be teased apart.  To me “control” means that one intends a thing to be experienced (goal), in advance of it being experienced, and then creates a matrix (network) of experiences that lead to that goal.  If you accept that definition, then i think you must agree that people frequently intentionally do things to get specific feelings.  It doesn’t always work, but frequently we do it anyway.  According to my experience of you, you seem to avoid intention and use (as you say above) feelings for their guidance to your chosen path.  I do that too, and i also act intentionally.  Ideally my guide and my intention are the same. 

But i don’t think it is even possible for you to know anything at all of my guide, nor for me to know anything at all about your guide … and certainly not to compare them.   Our guides are almost the deepest spirit there is inside us and as such we cannot share them in the sense that we both share a look at #MtRainier, or that we can notice a spirit together and share a #HighFive.   So it is absurd for you to judge or compare my guide or excitement or even how it aligns with my intention, or me to judge yours. 

I think we are touching here on even deeper thoughts  … but i want to stop there to see how together we may be on this  … er, to grock if we are actually sharing these thoughts.

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