← Here is an identity …
← here is a ego …
← here is a network of interaction
← and human bonding. 
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My attitude towards Eropa is ...

I am aware of Eropa.
It does not speak for me.
I will not join it.
I will not fight it.
It is #otherness with which i do not interact.



found via this twitter transaction …

Identity Eropa on Wikipedia
see also Nathan Damigo who registered the domain

it might be interesting to read some of these philosophies (rationalizations).

Why bring it up at all & give it publicity? I was unaware of it before & #IDC now #CBS

This though builds my awareness/consciousness of this being in my social environment.   It’s articulation now is clearer to me … before it was vague.  Now as it moves in my social environs i may recognize it and perhaps get out of it’s way.  Note the original tweet by @mcclure111 where i discovered its articulation.

It is also a good example of how to recognize and avoid other destructive-to-me beings.

That’s the most absurd excuse I’ve ever heard.  My solution is simpler:

well you say you were “unaware of this being”,  yet how did you interact with it? … in support or in opposition? … or as you say now, #IDC ?

I would never say “unaware of this being” (& didn’t)  that’s your abuse of the language.  IMHO, you are broadcasting like “Hey folks – I hate this thing” pointing to a picture on your wall & then looking at it every day to remind you of what you hate. 
There are zillions of things to dislike on the Internet & millions of stories in your empty city.
Maybe you should find another story.

there is no expression of “hate” in this thought … just an expression of it is not me … a clear distinction of it from me.  Like i said above, i am aware of it … hopefully of its essence  … yet i do not support or even oppose … i try not to interact with it at all.  I would not oppose because that gives it strength.   it is #otherness to me.  

← My selfie opus has noting really to do with #MonaLisa or #GeorgeWashington. 

in contrast i find your own reaction to this thingy ambiguous … pretty much like #Trump‘s.

Notice this thought is not really about Trump or White Supremist or even my rejection of them … that ship has already sailed.   It is not about me in particular … or even you.  Those are just examples of identies, beings, or egos.  This thought is about all #Ego’s … what they do … how they function … in a practical manner … in our culture … in humanity … outside of your skin.

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