An agreement to avoid an unthinkable war

It feels good to have an adult with hands on experience and actionable control in the game finally explain the choice here.

When you put the choices like this, it seems to me that the solution is clear:
  1. Accept the situation on the ground – North Korea weapons of mass destruction developed to the point to which they have already demonstrated.  Expecting that they would walk back that power is to be in LaLa land.  Undoing what they have already accomplished should not be on the table.
  2. We have the same situation with Russia and China and India and Pakistan and France and England (did i miss any?) – they have weapons of mass destruction developed to a demonstrated capability.  Yet the US can tolerate that situation because they are not threatening us with their rhetoric.  They are not threatening to blow us to bits … nor does it seem they have such an intention.
  3. So If North Korea can agree (1) to stop threatening to blow us to bits … and (2) reciprocally if we agree to stop threatening to destroy them … and (3) if North Korea stops developing their capability further proving their acceptable intent… then we have avoided this unthinkable war.

So, yes there is a viable diplomatic solution.

Hopefully that is the “deal” that Tillerson is negotiating.

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regarding  #Trump’s “childish” behavior,
please note →

and in this vein … note, in support of #Trump’s mouth …

“His language is Trumanesque — unflinching and ‘Here’s what I’m going to do.’ But it’s just rhetoric. Once he tries to implement it as policy, he backs off. . . . He goes forward in a bully-boy fashion, but he gets his comeuppance.”

 “Trump’s bold declarations don’t always lead to the results he promises” is an excellent #ProTrump article from the Washington Post … not necessarily what its title might lead you to believe it suggests. 

It is well worth a detailed read
… let us hope it speaks truth.

Just like the mental case in Las Vegas we are dealing with the same thing with the Norks (ego god) & worse in Iran (death worship shortcut to god) … I suspect that this song will be playing at some point no matter how nice the USA is!