Copy of - Static thoughts in our minds

Most aspects of the transactions between people which flow on #SocialMedia  ARE like the #thoughts in each of our minds.  This is not a metaphor.  Many of the characteristics and functions of the collective mind of man can be described  identically as those same aspects of the mind of a man.  Just like the thoughts flarw up to awareness in a human mind, so do thoughts flare up to awareness in our collective mind.  The microcosm in this case is reflected in the macrocosm. 

… to be continued


I skimmed the article & don’t see how this could effect me at all.  I don’t believe polls nor vote because of them. I have a keen sense of what point of view another is expressing & whether it is new or just something parroted from other people. These are comments people write very few of them have real thought behind them.

strange i have not been able to see a single Russian meme or comment.  Apparently you are lucky to have seen them before they were hidden from view.  However they have been characterized elsewhere in the press by Congressmen who actually saw some of the Facebook advertisements paid by Russia.   Some of the memes  that i have herd about may well be good matches for some of the things that you keep repeating ... Especially those about #BlackLivesMatter and Trump and Hillary.   The Russians did not advertise just one partisan side, but rather militated against both … fomenting propaganda and commotion wherever they could.

Now imagine that same kind of propaganda and commotion was continually flaming up in your own mind. 
Er …. or rather imagine that it was not null.   Do you think you would be able to make a better rational choice?

yes of corse that is the story.  that is where this thought begun.  don’t forget it is not finished, and keeps evolving.  Notice i am able to titel it now, Static thoughts in our minds.  You might want to reread the first paragraph … i have revised it several times already and it almost expressess the background upon which this thinking started.

So what? whatever … just more fodder for group abstract domains imho.