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Mark de LA says ...
I did not say I ACTUALLY SAW ANY. These are dead thoughts, just repeating, similar to reciting the pledge of allegiance – tweets etc . I can tell when you actually have a live thought or just running with the crowd. You seem to be playing with a thought conditioned by your peculiar, if only somewhat shaky  ontology. Comments are just touchstones which may stimulate a thought. Sometimes they just stimulate a response similar to the behavior in Pavlov’s dogs


It is a matter of live thoughts versus dead thoughts – a notion GW & RS offered at different times. Active working of thoughts, feelings & the will is being at the point of NOW ! Recycling a pile of words is NOT. It’s just dead thought.

yeah i agreee. 

the thing to realize is that when so called “live thoughts” are communicated to others, words are used … some of which could already be called “dead” at their source or even their destination.   For example consider one of your favorite words, “being”.  I cannot communicate some of my living thoughts about that and use that word with you.  Your response to me seem like recycled thoughts.  The living thought is more like “be ing”.  Maybe some day you might see the life of that be ing … it points to a very active thing living directly in the here and now.  I can say “i exist” … a better descritpion would be for me to say, “i am actively be ing directly”.

Live thoughts happen NOW.  Once you commit them to words they die. The #RWG  IS dead thoughts fighting dead thoughts.  Bastardizing  language to make a suffix ing into some kind of a meaningful thought is for me not only dead, but also disgusting – your one-way communication notwithstanding.
one thing I found recently is that something that is not capable of a conscious NOW has no being I think it was that TED talk.

Well the token marks in the sand are not the thoughts … so yes again i agree … when live thoughts are coded in token marks they become something different.  The hope for successful communition of living thoughts is that onece the live thought is converted to the token marks and transmitted to another, that when they are heard by the other they stimulate the activattion of  a similar live though in the listening mind.  The same thing happens even when a person talks (thinks) to themself in words … just reciting the words that represented the thought will not activate that thought again. 

Sometimes i think that a thought cannot ever be repeated … it is a unique and specific thingey that happens but once in a specific context in the living stream of be ing.  To live again it must be recreated anew.   I’m betting that we are talking about that same process.

possibly, AND I can recognize the showing up of a thought for the second time without resorting to the clothing of words  it may have