We are all connected sharing our lives together.   Yet each of us is separated living  our personal lives … feeling the  connections we make through our experiences which we presume are only about us.  That is a  story we tell which perhaps we believe in our bones.  Yet when we interact with others there are other stories being told … each person telling their own.  We feel our own story … we do not feel the stories of others, except perhaps by magic.

… this thought is partial … to be continued


Yep, life is a story – why bother ? There are already too many stories – way too many to read or listen to.

life is NOT just a story.  There is no “yep” between us on that proposition. 

Life is  what we do and feel and experience and create … life is what is actually happening.  

About which there are many many stories.

That’s your story & you are stuck with it.

Is it not yours as well?  If not, then how is any story that i have told here not the same one that you are telling youself?

I’m kinda more interested in stuff that says something less banal.

Well i do not think what i have said here is banal at all.   Rather just something that should be said and agreed upon or at least know why it does not hold outside of my own life.

Incidentally if you want to go think about something else, please do so.  That in itself has nothing to do with this thought.

YEP! #Thanks4Connecting

#AlreadyAlwaysArguing – nothing left but #butt-wipings & jism stains – good #juice for you though.

→ #JismStains – FYI – #banal = banal.