A picture of a network of connections


I snapped this picture in #LuthersTable as the artist D Alexandre walked by on the sidewalk outside.  I showed him mark’s pictures of the birds of paradise which had been shared on Facebook.  It reminded him that he saw them in the Central American rainforest and he wanted to draw some for his upcomming show.  Also in the picture is a chololate decorated, and brought to my table, by a smiling waitress and a delicious piece of pumpkin cheesecake.  As i write descriptions of these connections the cheesecake is almost gone and the hot chololate is half gone and D Alexandre is setting up his tools at the table over there to create representation of other experiences.  Things change, a person walks bye on the sidewalk and flips the coffee shop a birdie … apparently a negative connection (or vibration) had been previously made and the feeling of it was be ing re-enacted.  The wind is whipping the trees outside and the leaves are falling and flying around in the air under an omnous looking sky … maybe it will rain and i won’t go to Seattle after the #SocratesCafe.  These connecting causes and effects come into my awareness through my senses as i intentionally represent this example of what i mean by connections … primarily to answer nathan’s question about what i mean by “sharing/connectiong” here: Sharing (comment 81734).

Paul, Laura Lee, Steve and myself discussed the third question before the break in the #SocratesCafe

Maybe repeal the 10 commandments since the agreement was several thousand years ago with an old Hebrew in another land; never mind the thousands of years of precedence since affirming same. For that matter, maybe throw out the rule of law entirely. nullnull
Maybe substitute the rule of the big club instead.