Giving Tongue

To touch or not to touch that is (part) of the question - see: my favorite movie soliloquy from the Devil’s Advocate – .  Now ever since the snake beguiled the pair in the Garden of Eden there has been a dichotomy of interest in sex.  From a man’s perspective in this 21st century later there is an abundance of the female species all over the magazines, movies, the Internet etc teasing of the Garden of Earthly Delights which the female possesses. Hollywood glorifies sex in all of its aberrations. See the urban dictionary on teaseDoes the female of the species want it both ways?  In my father’s generation the term was pecker-tease (no longer in the urban dictionary). Indeed, Islam covers it all up so does that moral support or deny respect for either the male or female of that species. Female sex advertisement sells inordinately proportional to the census of the gender – why? Prostitution is analogous.
I have always followed caution & never had the problem .  I follow the Golden Rule & ask if there is any doubt or ambiguity.  Perhaps in the 21st we will need pre-written conscent & a lawyer on retainer.  Then too there are robots & dildos in the wings & virtual reality on the Internet.


7.44 billion people now live on planet Earth. The margin of error covers those who got here without fucking (making love or sex) – I’ll bet that if someone put it up for a vote – few would go for sexless.

Does the female of the species want it both ways?

Mark asks
Asking, i assume, whether females (in general) want to reap the benefits of their lure AND at the same time be free of the consequences of that lure on males.  If the consequences are positive and reciprocal, then i am sure we can agree that all is well and everybody is satisfied.  It is when the consequences of the lure are not positive and complementary that the question emerges.  Then ideally modern sexual consciousness expects  an honest girl to cease active luring and inform the male of his unreciprocated attention … the male accepting the situation on face value and moving on.  Again, as modern sexual consciousness it followed, there is no problem … everybody gets their cake and eats it too. 

When modern sexual consciousness is not followed … by either the boy or the girl … we have pain and stress in the experience … which pain hopefully is used to move the consciousness along to its ideal state.

Did i understand your question and analyze it just like you would?

It was rhetorical null

… and it was the most interesting (perhaps only) question in your thought null

It was the one you missed in Vigilante Justicenull

well i don’t see how i missed it at all.   Weinstein did not back off even though the girls registered their distaste … the current pain and stress in the system intends to move the consciousness back to the ideal state.  The only thing i “missed” … er intentionally ignored … was blaming the girls for the stress.

You missed the girls wanting it both ways . If I wanted my virtue to be kept unsoiled I wouldn’t wiggle it around in places where lechery hangs out like Hollywood or Bill Clinton’s oval office & complain later about it for money. I would declare my intent well before such opportunity might appear.

well i dealt with that aspect of the situation.   the only thing was that i did  not dwell on blaming the girls … sorry not my thing.  Oh sure i understand the emotional reaction and have fleetingly felt it myself …  i just don’t see how it helps a positive change in sexual consciousness to dwell on it, magnifying it.  It is, imho, an emotion best not even felt.

I didn’t “blame” anybody except a person who refuses to stop. null

#KeepingItReal,  for example, let’s say i am attracted to a girl on the dace floor by the way she wiggles her booty and in adoration i pat her butt and then she slaps my hand and continues to wiggel her booty.  How should i feel?  Should i feel the girl is a bitch “trying to have it both ways” and should stop her wiggle?   …. nope that is not how i think i should feel … or express … nor is it the way i did feel.

#CBG- that may have happened once – as I recalled I just stopped & danced with someone else.

& Laura Ingram pontificates (no likelihood here laughing)
(Limbaugh theorem on women’s movement)
Some must have ignored that with a population of 7.8 billion in the world a lot of people were fucking around – not all of it due to Hugh Hefner. 
Get Sex out of Politics & visa-versa.
Get Sex out of public Religion & visa-versa.
Get Sex out of the Main Stream Media & visa-versa – & …
Get government out of the bedroom (remember that old ‘70s cry)


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Are women weak & not able to say NO! believably ? 
Those below the age of consent fall in the category of legal concern & prosecution.
Although … times have changed since Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliett (who was <14 by Shakespeare) .
Do boys & girls have different ages of consent to sex?
Is not school & the way they teach of sex & multiple genders not generating curiosity?