What Seth voted for in politics - comment 64975

Mark de LA says … (to refresh seth’s mind)
Golden rule is not your hammer – don’t use it that way in your #RWG. 


well i used it as an example of why duality must necessarily be a part of consciousness.  The #GoldenRule would not even be necessary if everything was one big unitary clump of awareness.  If there were no separate beings, then there would be no otherness … there would be no need to remember that the other is feeling something different than you are.

Here is some ugliness – I wonder why she is not arrested for threatening the president? 
#ugliness :

null #OMG  that sounds exactly like a @realDonaldTrump tweet.  I had to go check to see if you got it from him this morning. 

#btw … funny thing … if you use the #hashtag #Trump in a tweet, a #TrumpBot may will pick it up and #retweet it … doesn’t matter whether it is pro or con Trump.   Case in point is below …

none of that has anything to do with Maxine-Hashturd threatening the president – you seth are really lost this time. #Phooey
#Duck thumbs down

of course it does, read the tweet train of thought.  Maxine threatening the president (if that actually happened and is not just a made up lie) is just more negative vibrations on both sides about about about about something that we all should move beyond.  see my tweet refered to above.

sometimes consciousness just becomes turbulence … waves clashing against waves … #connecting in destructive ways … echoing.   me thinks propagating such negative connections just makes more turbulence and static in our #consciousness which works directly against focus.


None of your tweets (fake or otherwise) have any threats from the president in them. Why is Maxine-Hashturding?

…. obviously a rat hole that i will not go down for the reasons explained above.

So you seem to be saying that any #ugliness is an excuse to extend the #RWG to it’s most extreme
like maybe the cheese-whiz kid or someone else in a previous life:

… well such proposition comes as an utter surprise to me null … so no i couldnt possible be saying that.

i’m trying to think it now to see if i even can think it and it ring true.   Duality comes in again because “ugliness” is definitely in the eye of the beholder.   projecting ugliness on another is a negative interaction as viewd objectively.  It is a negative wave into the media of consciouness. Yep doing that is at least half of doing #rwg.  Sharing your percied beauty in others and keeping the percieved ugliness to yourself, might improve the psychological media in which we live.  Or at least adopting a reasonable equal mix of each might help this thingey we are experiencing feel good to live.

#Duck butter continues … no end in sight … does this scare you?

yep i would prefer that the duck butter decreases … so i avoid repeating it.  and rather talk rather about letting that shit go.  #MoveOn …. truly hard to do and follow our so called leader.   Sure Wilson is just a bad … in a way she started it … everybody is so keen to rag on #Trump … his own actions entise that. 

What i see, objective as i can be, is that Turmp was not paying attention to these deaths … and that was used as an excuse to paint him in a bad light.  So of course he turned it back on the accusers.  There is no end to that as long as we stay inside that loop.  The negative waves would just build and build untill they would drown out everything else.  I say, time to #MoveOn  … #LetItGo

… with a last dig at Trump .  That’s what’s so kewl about the #RWG – #MoveOn is impossible if you need to get the #LastWord null 

Here is the actual context of what Maxine Water’s said …

I’m sitting here listening, watching, absorbing, thinking about Ali even though I never met him. And with this kind of inspiration, I will go and take out Trump tonight,

Maxine Waters
My own opinion runs:   Too bad Hillary didn’t “Take #Trump OUT” before the election!  But it is still not too late to #impeach.  Now is that speech for which me or Maxine should be arrested?   I think not … not in this country.