Different Kinds of Thoughts

With all respect to CNN for their promotion,  which i heartily support, it is not that simple.  There are at least two kinds of thoughts:  ones that are objective ringing true to all and can be verified by all … and ones that are subjective ringing true only to a certain group and can not be verified by those not in the group.  Let us examine some examples of each …

How about a couple of extreme examples.  If i think, “The sun will rise tomorrow”,  that will ring true to anyone who hears it and all can verify tomorrow that the sun actually does rise.  It won’t matter whether you are a republican or a democrat, a Christian or a Atheist, etc.  That is an objective thought which will ring true to you regardless of your personal emotions and intentions.  Of course there are exceptions, some people will rebel against any kind of objective thoughs.   Those exceptions can be dealt with in commentary … suffice it to say here that at least in extreme cases we can identify thoughts which are objective.

If i think, “The price of a lof of bread is $5”,  that will ring true only to a group of people who can trade a five dollar bill for a loaf of bread.  People outside of that group will not be able to verify that price.  We say that the price is negoatable … we make it up between us.  

Our president’s tweet this morning gives us another prime example of a subjective thought …

That though rings true only to Trump himself and to those who believe that he speaks truth.  It cannot be verified by anybody else.
A contradictory thought is ringing true to another group of people.  …

This thought is subjective to them.
The point here is there is no objective truth in this matter that can ring true to all and be verified independant of feelings and intentions.  These are  subjective thoughts that  we make true  just according to our own feelings and intentions.  It is not an objective thought like “The sun will rise tomorrow”.  This is the kind of thing that rings true, because we believe it is true.  We make it true by, believing that it is true.  The more people who think it and believe it, the more it actually is so in exactly that way.

Let us look at a different example of a subjective thought becoming true.   “I think that we can lift this bolder.”  “We” here would refer to a group of strong people who are cooperating with me.   The more we  think that thought and believe it, the more we can in fact lift that bolder.   Here again any so called “objective truth” of the matter is irrelevant.  We make it be, what we want it to be

Subjective thoughts are great … the more the merrier … the more effective the better still.  I just think we should be aware of which thoughts are subjective to a group and how they work in that regard; and not confuse those thoughts with objective thoughts and how those function differently.

Repeating a subjective thought will tend to make it ring true to a group of people who want it to be true.  Which is a good thing, it makes our deeds spring effectively from our thoughts.   Yet it is a two edged sword.   As in the CNN commercial above, saying “banana banana banana” enough times might actually make a person perceive a banana above.  That is called #TheBigLie or #propaganda .    I’m glad that CNN is advertising against it. 

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I think we need some new terms.  Subjective vs Objective has too many other connotations and meanings.  Let me propose two other names of this classification:  “Objective-fact” and “Social-truth”.  We discover objective-facts and we make up social-truths by virture of social agreements and connections.   That is a reliable distinction.  I think it is clear that the price of a loaf of break is a social-thuth, whereas that the sun will rise tomorrow is an objective-fact.  Many many examples of each class can be agreed upon.

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and just for your amusement null … it is well known that anyone or group can make up #SocialTruths … they do not necessarily need to agreem between groups …

null i thought i was coining a term … but apparently there is already a large body of context already thinking about this with that term … see the twitter feed hashtag socialtruth null … er, #SocialTruth.