Flakes & Corkers leaving the Republican Party

An angry little man with self hate issues. He has a penis so small it is the shape and size of a cork. He is so desperate to shag women, he dry humps them into submission.
He tried to shag Rachelle last night, he is such a little corker.
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(verb, oftenly used with "out") - To decide not to go at the last second; To "ditch" or "bail out."
"You said we were gonna go see the movie! Don’t change your mind and flake out!" 

"Damn, it’s been an hour since we were supposed to meet. I bet she just flaked out on me."


Did you hear this conservative principled Senator’s entire speech ? …

Like I said I don’t & won’t watch CNN – #NiceTry

The funny part, which you missed of course, was the guy was named FLAKE!  – I also noticed that the other guy was CORKER!  (i.e. a joke)

something or somebody striking or outstanding. that was a corker of a joke. b. an irrefutable remark that puts an end to discussion. a person or machine that inserts corks.

Corker definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary


Neither of them had I ever heard of – they are just trying for fame on the anti-trump bandwagon. 

the speech was given on the Senate floor and was carried by all networks live … even Fox.

so what?  I saw a piece & turned it off.

understandable given the bonding you have with your political group.   but shucks, you stand on principals and you are a fiscal conservative.   so i thought you might have listened.

I don’t identify with any political group – #NiceTry – #GFY

well you always support #Trump .   me, i call that identifying with his political group.

You can call your asshole a circus, but I am still not going inside!  Fake News & Lies taste like food to an #AntiTrumpiteer 

actually it’s not so much that you echo and support everything he says … shucks, you act just like him … you really should apply for a job as a #TrumpBot … sometimes i fantasize you even invented him.    OMG, the Zen of the #RWG … the sheer joy of Winning … never listen to the other.   Saying “It is a banana … it is a banna” makes it so !  Now rag on me because shucks it tastes like an apple over here.

Bozo as #AntiTrumpiteer & ringmaster:

You see Bozo – I have been a registered Independent all of my voting life.  You are so putrid in your #AntiTrumpiteering that you automatically interpret my blowback on yours as I am pro #Trump .  I am pro USA.

incidentally “nothing matters – leave the matrix” is the opposite of my philosophy.  Rather i say that #SocialTruth IS what matters … it is what we are creating here … it is the very pinnacle of our humanity.  Leave that behind to get out of the matrix and your life is irrelivant …. and then, yes, nothing matters. 

Somewhat related to this is a quote that i picked up from #assage tweet ….

… #FoodForThought indeed !

XOR your need for polarity & identity (thus yielded) of #RWG & #AlreadyAlwaysArguing & #jousting shows up most often! 
It is : 

Rarely , if ever, do you acknowledge the point I am making before bullying you own point of view ad nauseam. Point in case proved by this thought itself.  

Btw, while social truth is a nice megaphone – not everyone thinks alike in any random crowd of people. It is similar to the #birdie phenomenon . 

well i consider it a #ObjectiveFact that each of our beings is indivdual and separated from the rest of the whole of humanity … that is not something that i create (or deny).  But i agree that gives rise to the possiblity of making up a #SocialTruth to myself that i am right and the other is wrong … nevertheless i have no need to do it … that would be you making up that need for yourself … and making it up that i am doing it too.

Yesterday while coming home i recognized a very neutral example of #consciousness or of positive #SocialTruth.   I was in the meridian lane trying to get into the far left lane on a 4 lane very busy street.  The cars coming in the lane i was trying to enter were almost solid and were only stopped by the signal several blocks ahead.  I was signaling and very visable to anyone coming in that lane.  I thought to myself, will somebody in that lane become aware of me and conscious of of my predicament and stop and let me in … it would not delay their trip in the least.   To my joy, somebody did,  and i waved my thnks as i entered the lane null.  The consciousness of Win-win emerged again in our life right there in traffic.

Not #truthing – just courtesy which often I practice depending on the circumstances – null

courtesy IS creating a #SocialTruth .

#MungeOn dear bro.

extending courtesy to others creates a social consciousness.  It is a human interaction that builds productive feelings between us.  My day flowed a bit better, and i rather imagine that our smiling together made the lady feel good too.

nice! & associating that with some kind of truth collapses the notion of golden rule & other kinds of courtesy & being nice to other people – #PayItForward

well a #SocialTruth is a feeling … what else can it be?

i don’t understand your “collapse complaint?” about this consciousness being “just?” a feeling … or the relationsiip of it to the golden rule?  

The win-win feeling is an experience of which we are aware when we do it  … we know it feels good to others because we know how it feels to ourself … that is the connection i make with the consciousness of feeling a truth of win-win and the golden rule.
#kindness is part of #conciousness.  No?

 #bekind #kindness #conciousness

Once you munge anything & everything into TRUTH – TRUTH disappears – go Zen!

”truth” is just the name of the social feeling. 

these feelings are our experience and our reality of what we have named “consciousness”. 

i am just “collapsing” the vague conception called “consciousness” into something more tangagle that is called “experience”.

Yep – maybe re-read my Flakes & Corkers leaving the Republican Party (comment 81881) null

Consciousness is what takes the vague & turns the lights on for better focus.

yep … i have factored the vague notion i was building on called #SocialTruth out of the description of what is happening.  Just go with the more direct thing that we probably both know what is which we call “experience”.  Very direct … very Zen … i had thought you might grock and like it.

i claim when the lady stopped short to let me into her lane, she was being conscious and experienced it in that moment.  by my waving and smiling to her I reinfored that feeling in both of us. 

#WooWoo we are be ing #conscious nullnullnull.

munging experience then is more to your taste … 
Precision focus & language expands consciousness – often to something you don’t already have xor maybe never will if all you do is follow the crowd & get on the same bus.

maybe you don’t have access to her inside consciousness – perhaps a smile which is free.

well that is where the “golden rule” informs … i don’t have access to her inside feelings … but i have acces to my own … the rule suggests that they are felt the same even thought one can not feel what the other is feeling.

yep … on it’s way to empty & meaningless – the zen thingy.

well social consciousness does involve others … it involves felling as they feel. 

inside myself i can feel privately to myself however i want … no others are necessary or required or necessarily inform those feelings … and so those feelings are for myself alone.

yet i am being a part of human.   i can not be a part of human and ignore the feeling that i share with others in preference always to my own when they conflict.

would i be correct if i guessed that is a feeling about this that you are creating?

#TuQuoque reflecting rhetoric always enrolls me in the #ChickenJoke you are be ing. Are your the chicken or the buns.

ok, whatever.  

there are no feelings there that i can share with you mark.

Perhaps, seth,  get back to all the Flakes & Corkers in Congress. null null

#experience xor #reality 

Then too I doubt your #dynamism versus my #phenomenalism is likely to merge #AnyTimeSoon → they are nearly perpendicular.
Dynamism Versus Phenomenalism