Win Win Interactions with others - comment 81910

Seth says ...
Well i am equating a individual being’s identity as that with which they bond and interact.  A group of individuals functions  just the same, in that regard, as a single person.  That identity has traditionally been referred to as “ego” in the context of a single individual … but as it works the same with a group, why not, as you put it, “give an Ego to a group”.

Me i take the soverign freedom of individuals as paramount … especially my own … and by the principle of the golden rule others as well.  If i am free, then i determine what is right or wrong for myself.  Others are free to do just as they will.  Yes that grants to all free individuals an immunity from destructive criticism from outside of their group.

I call that me be ing human.


Bozo’s groups are just more tribalism. See

Who is winning individualism or tribalism?

Freedom comes from individualism so that the formation of groups is voluntary .  The opposite of tribalism produces such things as #GroupThink

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