The opposite of freedom & individualism


the trick is to make  …

⨊ free individual A1 + free individual A2 + free individual Ai … =  Wisdom of the crowd > #GroupThink

it’s a paradox … don’t try it at home null … but not #aug’ing otherness might just help null

No tricks!  A synergy of individuals makes more sense – nobody auging anything here. This is not about otherness at all.   It is amazing how seth gets lost inside his own lingo.

←  In case you folks forgot it was designed as a 4th dimensional ampersand and as if such were a cosmic dynamo

which behaviors impede a synergy of individuals?  i have identified one.  It is verifiable that people in a group #aug’ing others in that group will squelch any synergy that is (or might) happen between them.

seth -You are the Aug-meister, dude → #AlreadyAlwaysArguing & #MisMatching – I don’t do #aug .

well of course you don’t null  … great example:  synergy here between us just ended.  like i said, this is verifiable.

 It is amazing how Seth gets lost inside his own lingo. null
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… and once lost, the synergy between us (#consciousness ?) continues to #decay null.   The same thing happens again and again, just as you put it, “in a loop” … the #rackets feeding on themselves in a negative feedback screech.

#RWGBait deprecated!