Some dynamics of life

Axiom of being: A being lives by changing relative to others, not relative to itself
self other whole
win win grows
win loose no change
loose win no change
loose loose decays
win no effect no change
loose no effect no change
no effect win no change
no effect loose no change

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Well according to the transaction table above,  disagreement has no effect on the #WholeUnity (our common consciousness) … yes it would be just like deleting all the transactions as if the interaction did not happen at all.  The only thing that actually persists in our couscciousness is those aspects of the matter on which we both agree … and you win and i win. 

That same phenomena scales to whatever size of group with which we can identify.

Facebook has reiterated on several occasions that the content pushed by Russian accounts on its platform was more focused on issues than candidates. Particularly, Facebook says, issues that tend to be polarizing and divisive. In his testimony today, Stretch said that following the election of Donald Trump, much of the content was aimed at raising questions over the legitimacy of the election.

“Following the election, the activity we’ve seen really continued in the sense that if you viewed the activity as a whole, we saw this concerted effort to sow division and discord,” Stretch said. “In the wake of the election, and now-president Trump’s election, we saw a lot of activity directed at fomenting discord about the validity of his election.”


Notice the foreign influence on American thought sought to destroy its coherence by creating disagreement.

Hillary is good.  Tump is bad.  Trump is bad.  Hillary is good.  Russia is bad, America is great.  etc, etc, etc

if you hold that these kind of propositions are so independent of any story that is agreed upon, then you will not see that it is the agreements themselves which creates what is so in these matters.