Znees - "This is what I am Doing" - M.R.

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We are greater than a collection of experiences remembered or forgotten.

We are greater than transient thoughts that gather like unaccountable traffic.

We are greater than this dream of abstract images or simply visualized imagination.

We are greater than inconsistent feelings and unstable emotions than seem to cause both confusion and comfort.

We are greater than belief, conviction, religion, heritage, race, perpetuating circumstances and conditions.

We are greater than the ephemeral parts of the body’s capricious form.

But all this is seen.?

We are some greater power, in total observation of all this the world has to explore but utterly unattached when our awareness and attention is place from this perspective or observation position.

Who are we seen to be from here?
Can we be seen as this?
Can we point to this or tangibly hold what we are?

Too great to hold, too infinite to pinpoint a location.

Both time and space are conceived by us. 
The Greater.

(Ink drawing by Mooji)

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i hasten to add:  We are greater than even being greater ~ SR .  … but then i am surprised null you didn’t call out Positive Exchange for using a #birdie null

I don’t know the author like I know you.