The story of being, is not being

Oh, you think I’m talking crazy
In a different language you might not understand
Oh, that’s alright
That’s just the kind of life that made me who I am
Just taking my mind on a visit
Back in time ’cause I miss it
You wouldn’t know how to love it like I love it
Unless you lived it
And man, I lived it
Blake Shelton

I love imagining the whole unity called “human being”  even those others of you who i am not.   But the map is not the territory and as Blake Shelton sings,  “I wouldn’t know how to love it like i love it, unless i lived it” but i did not live it like you lived it,  so i only imagine it.  The story of  being, is not being.

Seth Russell
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Here is a polite suggestion. Rather than promulgate your theories & assertions & ontology, in the abstract put some meat on the bones & write an artistic piece a la the Ham Sandwich of longer length illustrating the principles you are asserting. See if you can reach more people.  So far I haven’t seen anyone here or on FB that seems to support sethmuch except occasionally nathan .  I watched a rather bad one last night which tried to pretend New Age woo-woo or something.  You can do better. 
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Yeah working on that null.  The opus is some kind of drama … a example of the philosophy – not as you put it, “just a theory” of it … a narrative that works emotionally in a specific example on the stage of the opus.

I was thinking today, provoked by you comment, of how the narrative of #p2 changed from it’s inception, to people moving in, to us moving in, to the walls going up, and the effect of the city bureaucracy and the struggle to survive, to what it is today.  I played my part in that, so did you.

Celebrated it’s 45th anniversary recently. Nobody I knew was there. Was it Vicki who was there at the very first meeting with you & I and the chair and the naked light from the ceiling?

first meeting i attended was at Project One … vickie came in way later.  That first meeting was just after we got the lease from Ken Royce and people could start moving in.  Kathy Mullens and the Sax player lead that meeting.  Later Kathy spaced out ... got those starry eyes … she told me personally, “stop relying on me” … and the torch was passed to others of us.
But i am not sure i got her last name right … what was the name of the Kathy who ended up being a sign painter …and of course i fell in love with …  she was a kathy too.

Kathy Phillips
Some others here .
I was exiting my first place in S.F. on Carl st. & you called & talked about PJ2. We met at the building in a chair a light me & you & Mullins. & maybe Charlene.

oh kewl, so you remember Kathy Mullins.   At that time there were very few who had moved in.  I don’t think i had totally moved in from my pad on Van Ness.  For me it was an exciting new space.  It was one of the jumps in my life from living just relative to myself, to living relative to others.  Those  jumps get me out of internal funks into actual living.  Another one happened about a year later when i was in a secret funk in Oakland  staying in a little rented room by myself over-drafting my bank account and struggling with a mental block of not working on the Naismith contract.  The story went that the Okland place was  to help focus, not commute,  but focus i did not.   Then  I came back to #p2 and got involved with the building and everything totally changed into the #GreenEgg and i worked with Edna, Vincent, and Kerner – all from #p2 … and i was able to successfully implement the contract.  That program ran the business of the clinic for almost a decade … a good work indeed.   I bet you were not totally aware of that narrative.

Vincent? Where were you when you invented the Medium ? The Medium is the Message (comment 74256) – I remember Mullins she was on the 2nd floor with Simon & a couple of others.

Did you remember Mullins spacing out?

The Medium was years later after i was drummed out of the warehouse, lived in the tenderloin – involved with another Kathy, worked in San Jose and quit that job and moved back to SF and shared a flat with Jan Armstrong in the Castro … right around the corner from the theater.  It too was a jump out of myself into living relative to others.

That was my view from Beaver St. w/ Sunshine.

… humm i don’t remember ever visiting you on Beaver st … but i visited you frequently when you were living in the apartment with Charlene before you moved into the warehouse.  Maybe that is because i was working down in San Jose at the time.

That was after we got married & I left PJ2 cuz some people thought it was funny to get her drunk while I was at work.

Sunshine was beautiful
… totally innocent …
out there living on the edge of life itself. 
Word has it she still is.

Kind of like Virgin.   

How could you not have fallen in love?
… and coveted …
and protected.

i have a memory of her with Pan and me and somebody else massaging her in the Sauna we built at #p2
.. omg i wanted her then.

Larry was in that sauna, & I joined later.

Was after we got married – she was not totally innocent. Lotus & Virgin were with us .

This is beginning to seem like the Fox series Objectifiednull – the last one I watched was of Mark Cuban.
I also watched the one of Donald Trump in which I learned he doesn’t smoke or drink & went to a military school which might explain a bit why he is surrounded by generals.

well this is “biography”  in vein of Blake’s song … it is a story of a life.   There is the  strange tilt one experiencs between how it felt to live it versus how the narrative about it feels now  … er, just according to the proposition of this though: “The story of being, is not being” .     

Yet I claim i was aware of   jumps-from-inside-to-outside   even as i jumped.  i could even honestly say that is what motivated the jumps … but not, of course,  in these exact terms which seem so clear today.