Agreements are vunerable to lies

Not about #Trump not about Russia Is about human #consciousness being vulnerable to static and lies of #propaganda

— Seth Russell (@SethRussell) November 3, 2017
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consider the new twitter rules

I actually think that the solution to dampening the static of #propaganda lies which are dominating our #consciousness on the internet is for the hosting apps (facebook, twitter, etc) to disallow anomalous names … everybody has to go as their verifiable selves.

Consciousness is the light shining throughout our perception that which makes it live for us. The dead residue of external conversations is not consciousness anymore than a #selfie is the person taking a picture of himself or the image we see in a mirror is who we are.

Well your description, “consciousness is the light shining throughout our perception that which makes it live for us”, sounds to me like what consciousness feels like … or the qualia of consciousness … or the result of consciousness on a single being.  But to me that is but half of the story,  the other half is what transpired which made that feeling happen.   You talk of the flame, i the wick on which it flares. 

Sans what you call “the dead residue of external conversation”, the light would not shine into your being.

I am not going to argue this point with you. This is as close as I can describe it after contemplation for a rather long time the question “What is consciousness?”.  Perhaps in the darkness of the soul even the feelings disappear & conversely with consciousness the light makes present what we can bear to behold. 
Perhaps you may need a different word like twitterverse.  Strangely enough I just threw the line:
“A Tower of Babel never tops the sky; “ see About: A Tower of Babel Never Tops the Sky . to begin the cycle.
Hint: It is a full moon tonight!
One other nuance – while the metaphor I used of light – appeals to one sense I hold it as all of the 12 senses & beyond.  In the dark last night while we lost power my senses & consciousness went to the sound channel.

Well it’s interesting that we share so very easily and reliably things like “Whare is #MtRainier?” but argue constantly about “What is #consciousness ?”, or “What is #Ego?”, or “What is our #soul?”.   Could it be that these latter things are just those kind of things which exist, …. which come into being ..., only by us agreeing upon them

I actually think that is what is happening here … it is an #amazement null

Conversation forked to thought 24687

That said, the question here in the context of this thread becomes whether #propaganda, intentional static and misrepresentations, corrupts our agreements …. like for example the #PriceOfBread, which is very definitely something that comes into being just because we agree upon it.

Well your ….

Perhaps in the darkness of the soul even the feelings disappear & conversely with consciousness the light makes present what we can bear to behold. 

is a beautiful mouthful indeed null.
i still think ...

you are describing a qualia … a reaction of (and in) a being null.

i am pointing to the action that caused that reaction. 

Neither exist sans the other.

That said, consciousness is not vulnerable to anything outside the bearer of the consciousness. In humans who can’t focus a shifting soup of beliefs can be stirred up with anyone’s spoon.  – M.R.

You have a jumble of things to stir into your caldron.

Well shucks i factored #consciousness out of the question just because we cannot agree on whether it is the wick or the flame. 

So the question is no longer about consciousness at all. 

The question now is:  does #propoganda corrupt #agreements ?   It is actually hard for me to deny that it does.

Then you probably should retitle your #stuff instead of:
Agreements are vunerable to lies seth


Agreements are vunerable to lies” was “Consciousness are vulnerable to lies”

hmmm … there must be some aspect in which Argrements are Consciousness.

Kewl except that who goes around making agreements with liars or is so not present that he can’t determine whether the other in the agreement is lying?

… perhaps those who are unconscious … or those who oppose consciousness … maybe even those who want to go to sleep.

But backing off of the grandiose thinking a bit here … #propoganda and shouting #fallacies and misrepresenting and not listening and obsession with personal privacy … makes it hard to think clearly and be awake to each other.   I can see that when it happens in myself … and i can see where that happens in politics.

Think about it … when you wake up in the morning … do you wake up to yourself … or do you wake up to othersness.

null None of that which incidentally has nothing to do with agreements.

… sure it does.  

I think you live in a world where the stuff we deal with here is just so, regardless of whether we agree on it or not.  Well shucks, a great deal of the world is reliably so irrespective of our agreements … for example, it is still dark here, but it is so that the sun will rise soon whether we agree that it will or not. 

But on the other hand there are zillions of stories that are not like that … these other stories are just as so as the sun rising shortly, however they are only so if we agree that they are so … for example i want to get a select collection of #GW’s letters from you …. that story will only happen if you and i agree to make the transaction.   Awareness and feeling to action according to this latter kind of agreements is a way to become awake to each other.  What militates against that awakeness, and in many cases destroys it, are some of the kinds of things that i mention above.

Maybe you should refresh your memory about what the word agreement means. It takes 2 to tango. Before you include me as agreeing you better check in with ME!  Otherwise all you are doing is playing with  #birdies .  Popularity is not the same thing as agreeing .

A #munge of generalisms doesn’t say #DiddlySquat !   When I finish reading the above there is nothing to remember except the red herring about #GW’s letters whch goes somewhere else unrelated to this topic.