Get Sex out of Politics & visa-versa

Mark de LA says ...
& Laura Ingram pontificates (no likelihood here laughing)
(Limbaugh theorem on women’s movement)
Some must have ignored that with a population of 7.8 billion in the world a lot of people were fucking around – not all of it due to Hugh Hefner. 
Get Sex out of Politics & visa-versa.
Get Sex out of public Religion & visa-versa.
Get Sex out of the Main Stream Media & visa-versa – & …
Get government out of the bedroom (remember that old ‘70s cry)



IMHO, I suspect that without porn & talking about porny-horny things I doubt the Internet would have grown as fast or as large.

Liber Legis II,70

 Wisdom says: be strong! Then canst thou bear more joy. Be not animal; refine thy rapture! If thou drink, drink by the eight and ninety rules of art: if thou love, exceed by delicacy; and if thou do aught joyous, let there be subtlety therein!
                              – Aiwass (A.C.)   – Biden! Wow!

An aside: xor null

xor again  looks like Louis C.K, eh?

More kinds of sex identity now : LGGBDTTTIQQAAP is the new LGBTQ… !

Sex robot craze sparks rise of ’digisexuals’...

Men ONLY sleep with dolls...

Schools are teaching all about sex & weird combinations. Presumably it is the mission to teach about it so that pregnancies of the unwanted kind are curtailed.  – mostly out of worry about population increase & the inability of some pregnant people to care for the progeny &/or the abortions.  Then too we are inviting immigrants in faster than the unwanted pregnancies, no?