Is Facebook down for you too?

I’m betting this will hit network news today.
#facebook #facebookdown


Nope!, but maybe it is.

well it’s not a binary thingey …. but i’ll post a graph as soon as the tracker page at loads null

in the meantime, if you care, follow the hashtag #facebookdown to twitter … this is not just me … nor is it just you.

i’m on the phone

the app on my phone came in and showed me data from last Friday … when i swipe down to get the most recent it goes into the never ending cycle trying to acess the facebook server.  as far as i can tell, even on my phone, the site is not reasonably responding to my quest.

it’s not coming back

it may not be just #Facebook … i have noticed other sites are slow to rediculously slow … as has this person …

This is not even related to “Something is wrong on the Internet”, nevertheless it seems to be a grate place to read that article into our thoughs.

twitter/instagram/foxnews/drudge/ G+,Gmail etc are up – it’s not the Internet. & Xfinity & even wikileaks, noted widespread outages for Comcast customers across the country. Here’s a look at 11 a.m. PT:

Nevertheless this was not just Comcast because i had similar results with verizon on my cell phone.