Twitter Users Have Sued Trump Over His Practice Of Blocking Critics | WUNC

President Trump is facing a lawsuit for blocking people from his personal Twitter account. This week, some First Amendment advocates joined the suit, and they are making a novel argument about the right to communicate with the president in the digital age. .

Transcript of NPR’s Laura Sydell  podcast


I think is one of the most profound decisions before the court this year. 
…. er, well in that lies quite a tale.


LOL … what is interesting is that you have designed this to matter in your experience! That is the tale that interests me … your story as you write it and what you think it really should be but are not experiencing … yet.

What Trump does and what all the Trumpies (you are one of them) think about it doesn’t even make it anywhere near my reality experience, except as I experience you.

Like FastBlogIt  can’t blame Trump – blame Twitter for such a feature. The first amendment guarantees right to free speech not the right to be listened to. !

There is no reason why Trump should suffer the armies of fake robo accounts & the community organizing opposition just to be able to communicate to the rest of the country.  For a while now I have wondered why the 3rd branch of government (Executive, Legislative & Judicial ) seems to think it is on top of everybody else … Dictatorship of the Judiciary, eh?

i know … your experience is all just about you … me,  i am into how my experience is projected into the macrocosm … and how the macrocosm reflects it  back to me.  I am not the God in my universe which you tell me you are in yours.  Nor do i want to be.  My universe is bigger than that … he he he … i win, you loose null ← sincirely, that is funny #PML … hopefully you are laughing too.

So you win being human to be a messy and mundane business?

Okay, it’s your’s.

i don’t get how that relates to #Trump blocking citizens on twitter.  According to the twitter rules he does have every right to block … and nobody is complaining about that.  That rule supports free expression …

we have the same kind of feature here … suppressing a comment on your thought … … althought it that does not go quite as far as the twitter block which suppresses all of a person’s effect.

That Trump as our leader should not block people who articulately disagree with him goes way deeper than that.  It goes to the point of us selecting him to speak for us.     Nobody else on twitter is elected by #WeThePeople to do that for America.

yeah i see what you did there null

I have no idea how he does it. Maybe we should all go back to the days of Obama where things were done in Secret & opacity & nobody knew what he was thinking; probably they would have revolted if they did. 
& … the lies were carried out to the M$M

He just goes to their profile, pulls down the menu there, and clicks block.  That is how he does it.

← click here.

Doing things (even speaking) in secret behind citizens backs is no solution at all.   Obviously we should want the oppositie … no?

Pistols at dawn maybe?  The extreme is seen w/ the Norks on a global scale or maybe a giant Asteroid if things go any higher. null

Yeah … Trump should try a bit of #LOA … make the norks up to do a #WinWin … and then invite them to the negoitating table.  But what does he do?  Quite the opposite.  He makes them up to be #LooseWin and demands they come to the table.  Certainly he must know that is just war.   Peace on the other hand is too simple and not at all what he is making up for himself.  Oh well the world is #messy and contains millions of #WinLoose #bullies … the trick is not to let them lead us.

Maybe you didn’t watch Trump’s whole speech. He held up the South as the vision & praised it as to what the Norks could become & how the world would help if he verifiably gives up nukes .  The Kim-hole wants it all to be his & he, like the Vegas & Texas assholes wants all or nothing & seems willing to go down in a blaze of hell-fire.

i did watch   almost all of Trump’s speech and heard the passage that you mentioned.  

If #norks accept Trump’s conditions they #loose and we #win … plain and simple.  It does not matter that it would be all glorious for us and even the rest of the world.  The point in fact is that the #norks have become a nuclear power … and that there are many of those now … with which countries we still live in relative peace.    That bridge has already been crossed.  If we accept that North Korea is now a nuclear power and just insist that they be a reasonable one like the other nuclear powers of the world, then everybody wins and nobody looses.  That is what needs to be negoitated to have peace … not the conditions Trump specified in his speech.

Alternatively we can just do #WWIII .   Unfortunately it is even possible that your belovid Trump is going to be allowed to make that terrible choice for his own glory.    Me, i do not expet that Kim will cave to Trump’s bluff … nope, the trigger would have to be pulled.


I wondered how you drew that conclusion. The North Koreans win but Kim loses at worse – tough shit!

… only if Kim is overthrown.  But don’t forget the power over a people of #propoganda … we have seen that over and over again in History.  It is almost impossible to tease them apart.

yeah but Kim is in controle of the negoitations from his side … not the North Koreans.   I do not understand your train of thought here.

Truman proved it against the Japanese in 1945 – & they thought their emperor was a god too!  Note that the Japanese were in this trip too! .. & support Trump & we eat sushi.

… in that case the choice was to drop the nuclear bomb on Japan. 

In a world where millions of people dies in a nuclear war … and more countries get nukes … yes, temporarily korean people and the rest of the world could tell a story that they both won.   Is that what you are proposing?

There is a point in orderly society where the determined assholes need to be isolated & castrated (figuratively) xor killed. !
See also Economics, Value, & Price

Yes exactly null

Hereby it is manifest that during the time men live without a common Power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called War; and such a war as is of every man against every man.[13] [...] In such condition there is no place for Industry, because the fruit thereof is uncertain: and consequently no Culture of the Earth; no Navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by Sea; no commodious Building; no Instruments of moving and removing such things as require much force; no Knowledge of the face of the Earth; no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, continual Fear, and danger of violent death; And the life of man solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.[14]

via your link above, chapter XIII of Leviathan,[12] Hobbes
… which is not my choice of universe.   Me i choose #society #humanity … and to survive!

When it is a numbers game I prefer the enemy lose more & first.

Anyway I am going to work on something more interesting – the economic effect of cryptocurrency – especially BItcoin.  I agree with RS in that once the economy is separate from governments the people will tend to be free of tyrants. #ThreefoldCommonwealth

Trump is NOT bluffing! Obama bluffed as did Bush, Clinton etc. You may have listened to the speech but I suspect you didn’t hear it.

That’s one of my favorite symbols – nice photoshop.

Actually the Chinese & possibly the Russians have more control – it would interesting if the Chinese who have a lot of economics to lose would depose him.

… well don’t forget that so does the enemy … and that in war shit does happen … and it is not usually what you expect.

Maybe we should trade Washington state for all their nukes – that might be fair.

yeah that would be nice … maybe that is what Trump is expecting.   But don’t forget the tone of his voice … now if the Chinese and/or Russians depose Kim … they might feel that they lost and America won.  That is a hard move for China and Putin to make. 

Don’t forget the sides in this #FightClubs …
The West (America/Europe) … VS …. The East (China/Russia/Iran/NorthKorea) 
who is to dominate the world?

You & Obama seem to be afraid of the Norks.

Nuclear blackmail can’t be tolerated.  The last 3 presidents negotiated, Kim got what he wanted & continued with missles & nuclear bomb development – I guess that is the part of the speech you didn’t hear.

i agree … “Nuclear blackmail can not be tolerated” yes

Which is why the agreement must include North Korea becomming a responsible nuclear power who does not engage in nuclear blackmail.

a madman with a bomb suddenly becomes responsible ?

well why not, after all it is in his best interest.   don’t forget he just got for his country exactly what he wanted. 

to make up that Kim actually wants to die in a nuclear flame is not going to help write this story so that it comes out to my liking … yours either i must suppose.  In your scenario we have one mad man with a bom against another mad man with a bigger bomb.  Well in my senario, the bigger the bomb the bigger the responsibility to the whole.  Hopefully your belovid Trump is up to the task.

Your beloved Obama wasn’t succesful in doing so. 

irrelevant … this is not about the past …. and is not about Obama.   We are here and now in the present moment.  Please stay focused.

Perhaps you ignore the lessons of history & are doomed to repeat the mistakes.  viz:
Image result for he who ignores history is destined to repeat it
George Santayana. Those who cannot remember the past arecondemned to repeat it. George Santayana (16 December 1863 in Madrid, Spain – 26 September 1952 in Rome, Italy) was a philosopher, essayist, poet and novelist.

George Santayana - Wikiquote