Pure bully!

mark, you are the purest manifestation of a pure bully.

To taunt someone with a comment about them and what they think and believe, and then to delete their reply because it twists your panties, is about as pure of a definition of what a bully is that I can think of.

You mark, crave control of your reality experience like a junkie craves a heroin fix.


reflecting der neph!

Which comment was this where mark “suppressed” a reply? …. i’m just curious.

Anyway it just goes to show that
#WinLoose or #bullying is not a good way to grow together …
it is not a way to #share, #connect, or #agree …
rather it is a way to #decay.

and i might hasten to add that reflecting a #WinLoose is just more of the same.

Bullshit. My comments were high vibration and well targeted to the original assertion you made about my application of the subject. There was nothing nasty or ugly, only constructive ideas about what you were saying and replying … until you made the comment that you were going to delete all my replies.

Of course I then called you on your bullying and being an asshole!

Fuck you asshole! You bait and bash … that is a bully and an asshole in my book!

Big difference here.

I tell you what you are. I don’t blow fluff up your ass. But neither do I attempt to control what you think or write. I just lay it on the line for you.

You attempt to control what others think, and write, in about every way you can. That is bullying.

Funny thing is that the video of a woman talking about LOA says similar stuff to others who go for such & is 1/3 my age & ½ N’s & much more fun & believable to watch than armies of channeled robots. Tsk..tsk – not my loss I still have it.
It is amazing how rude people who are out of arms reach & sometimes anonymous will be to each other – twitter & fbi is not immune.

Funny yes. You explicitly and unsolicited made a comment relating my ideas about reality to what she was saying. Briefly, you said that what I say about reality is probably about human dream state. I very nicely explained why that was not true and why.

… in your next reply you got personal and low down. I still stayed nice and showed a belief you have in that reply that doesn’t serve you. Then you made the threat to delete all of it …

… so fuck your bullying hypocrisy. When you get out of that gutter you will find my communication full of flowers ... when it isn’t, look to what you are doing … there you will find the cause mark.

WOW! got under the neph’s skin.  No zenmaster or guru that kid (more like a cunt)

nullnull … great scene … first time i saw it null …. you guys here can’t touch that shit.

I posted it in almost the same context but it got lost, luckily youtube didn’t hide it. I liked the series Deadwood – raw, goldrush days in the west, gunslingers, whores, drunks & ALL the words. Apparently it is/was on HBO.  T was also fond of it. 

well it certainly dramatizes that bluffing (or bullying) with lethal weapons is an entirely different matter than bluffing with just a cunt mouth.  remember in #p2 when #KentRobertson rammed that point through.  if i remember right he even did it around the #CommonLogic table … but maybe it was just contemporary with that in my mind.

Wild Bill Hickok was a noted gunslinger – he could get away with it & the cunt had to back down after he lost. Eventually the cunt got blown away I think by somebody else; parallels notwithstanding.

To the noted bully (d’A…...)  trying to pose: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mote_and_the_Beam