Particles From Outer Space



Yeah, good attitude null … i would go even further and say, “why attempt to convince others to believe what you believe, when your truth is not even necessarily their truth anyway” null … but the more you talk honestly with others, the more things you will find to agree upon.  The “force to convince” and the assumption that “they should just accept your truth for themselves, on your authority” are the things to avoid in speech and in attitude.

Yep, your post being an example. Obviously we won’t agree about truth.

sure, null, of corse, why not?

nevertheless that which we build together which goes beyond our selves individually, will happen based upon that on which we agree … not on that on which is only our individual inner truth.

#AlreadyAlways #jousting notwithstanding – how’s this for trite 

That which wants to be together will be together & that which wants to be individual will be individual.

XOR (***)

or … null ...

being together is more powerful
than being alone
Oh !!  the #power
And the #glory 


XOR … #SoYouSay – maybe you need to watch the topic video again.

i am already totaly into that … me i always like to go beyond that.

but shucks, let me know specifically what you think that i am not considering.  enlighten me please.

Sorry, I watched the video. null … BTW, I am neither looking for power nor glory nor ...

so did i.

i am just reacting to her meme, “being alone has power that few can handel” …no about you …  i wasn’t even thinking about you … i just reacted with the flip side of her meme.


well shucks the more we transparently honestly talk the more chance there is that we can build something together … even if it only a consciousness which we are  #shareing … hence you can expect that i will continue, just like the energizer bunny, until there is no hope at all.

Maybe change the subject – the difference between what you have said & what is new mostly is
  #DiddlySquat  –

perhaps that is true … but only because we have not gone deep enough into matter.  we go just so far and then  fear and static drowns out where we could have gone together.

I posted these public hoping for a different vortex – like solving problems & puzzles – hence PJ2 & now Bitcoin xor something else. The Lady above has a bitcoin address but I don’t. I suspect the fears are yours. I just get bored with the samo-samo #AlreadyAlways … find a solution to something not just a trite generalization like

“Can’t we all just get along”  – Rodney King xor 

hmmm null … what was the saying that we said at congrex that contained the two words “power” & “glory” ?

”practical power to do the Great Work which is to be united with thee … (Christ)”  LP.. no glory in it!

that was not it.   the one i remember has both words.   i think it was one quoted directly from #AC

glory is in 4 lines of LL none of which were used.  The modern Bibles use the word glory in the lord’s prayer at the end.

come up with it then – I say not in there.

#glory is shiney, #fabana ….  notice how it is used in religion to lure to #faith … also it is felt  intensely with psychedelics.

glory is a word which is mostly Luciferic in my mind. In my search of the brain & the commentaries I find one mention:
P.2429 79-5-1-3-15-19-THU (3.98 yrs or 11,314 days ago)
"... If every thought, feeling & act be dedicated to the glory of God it yet solves but one half of the problem; but the second half’s solved, solving the first: in the Cabala the I & the CH express the two sides we mean.  Active cooperation with the Gods is of mutual benefit, an exchange of values, transforming  what for some may be a sin into highest sanctification.  Love is the Law, Love under Will!"

i associate #glory with #Lucifer too.

i think it was in a longer passage that was intoned by one person standing in the center of the mat facing #GW.  i seem to remember reading the same passage in #AC’s materials.

Find it!  I performed the “Thine be the kingdom .. “ etc invocation as well & have it memorized even today. I say it is not in there!!
The first part is the sepiroth from the tree of life – Hod & Tiphareth are the closest, but glory is not in there …. Thine be the kingdom & the foundation the splendor & the victory, the beauty, the strength & the mercy & the understanding , the wisdom, the crown & the gnosis …. (The OtzChiim from the bottom to the top.)

well “splendor” is the same as “glory” … just a different aspect.

i did find those two words used together in a version of the Lord’s Prayer …
For the kingdom,
the power, and the glory are yours
now and for ever.

Yep I mentioned that above.  Not in the version we used at S.’.C.’. – which is considerably different.
If you want to munge your words together then you are in the right group .
BTW, the Glory of God is considerably different notion than the glory of seth nullnull

well we entone these words as children and grow up with them in our culture and yet we are not conscious of to what they point and what they do.

I understood them, wasn’t in the ceremonies we grew up with. Maybe you confused it with glory hole(recently?)

“ BTW, the Glory of God is considerably different notion than the glory of my friend nullnull” ~ mark

Which is a big mouthful … not a proposition that i am prepared to consider quite so fast just in passing. null

#AlreadyAlways #CBG xor #DiddlySquat

of course we won’t know together unless the text of that entonement is brought into our awareness here. 

anyway it is #nbd … just an association that flashed in my mind as i wrote the meme  Particles From Outer Space (comment 82305)

invoking the qualia of power and glory and splendor is something i did above … also a common theme of #AC …

Thine be the kingdom! Thine the power!
The glory triple thine! (19)
Thine through eternity’s swift hour,
Eternity, thy shrine –
Yea, by the holy lotus-flower,
Even mine! (20)



as usual in the small hyperlink bottom right of the quote.

Rather archaic – it was upgraded by GW to the invocation he & I did in the center of the mat.

ahhh thanks … that is what i anticipated.   let me know if you ever run across that text.

It’s not in there like I said.

hmmm null … you say, “it was upgraded by GW” … yet you say  the upgrade removed #AC’s concepts which Crowley called “power” and “glory” and/or “splendor” which were central to what is said … i find that strange.

you have a strange mind.
The pentagram ritual & stuff like which was coined as GW parted from AC I consider an upgrading. 
For you words are mungeable & group right-wrong news is your meat!

Today’s throw crisps it up as of P.1659  (Hex #27,6) suffixed to P.2429 which uses the words Glory of God.