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The lady Macey Tomlin is an anarchist of the psychedelic (I think) . So far I see nothing violent in her twitter, instagram, etc.  Some interesting things I find watching YouTube on the TV instead of the rest of the shit.

Addendum – she was engaged to Adam Kokesh at one time apparently didn’t work out nice at all. Book on Amazon 
I don’t know what his brand of Anarchism entails. Somewhere he identifies as a libertarian. ← people without government.
Mine is more freedom xor liberty. <-=-= the opposite of mob rule xor violence & conflict.

interesting and attractive woman … i followed her on twitter, @mamburlee, and watched one of her interviews.  

psychedelics can show a #glory inside … hmmm null …  i wonder if there is a drug to show a #glory outside.

Apparently the Ayahuasca is quite different from LSD. A lot not pleasant – your #jousting notwithstanding.

have you tried it?

nope! right now it seems to ba a fad in the psychedelic world best used with a guide & genuine stuff (2 plants)  watch some of the other ‘tubes   I claim one doesn’t need drugs to approach the same “space”