"physical evidence" VS "he said, she said"

OMG physical evidence that everyone can see and examine is much more convincing than people’s accusations.

It’s said that he was “banned from the Gadsden Mall” for bothering teen agers for dates.  More #HeSaidSheSaid from the New Yorker.

All this on the top of the Washington Post report of Moor’s sexual misconduct.



Yep, dude that’s pure evidence that he fucked a little girl – a Christmas greeting!null

Maybe this is something that should be investigated http://lasvegas.cbslocal.com/2016/08/10/the-list-of-clinton-associates-whove-died-mysteriously-check-it-out/#.WgjVariFCHM.google_plusone_share 

Well i never said such a thing nor implied it.   I am however aware of the distinction between physical evidence and #HeSaidSheSaid inuendo.  Seeing this  “Love note” from an 30 yo man in a teens’s year book is much more convincing than most of the other stories … It indicates that Roy Moor was courting teens to date.   I do not believe his denials.

that is irrelevant to this story.  Clinton’s misdeeds do not mitigate Moore’s.  They are a separate story and should not be munged with this one.

it is strange to me that you stubbornly keep making that thinking mistake.

Well butthole what does your tag mean then about evidence #raymoorechildmolester null
Maybe you are trying out for the Onion or the National Enquirer https://www.nationalenquirer.com/ 
I see no reason to focus on this shit except your #RWG

You keep making the mistake that #IDC – I say #BurningShit … doesn’t make it taste any better.

A Christmas greeting does not prove shit! burn it!

They both fall in the category of scandal mongering.

well of corse … it is all making up stuff to believe … make up reality.  This is how it is done.   this is how a reality of a certain texture is created and shared and connected together.

Personally i think there should be a forgiveness element in these past realities.  A context back there is not one in the now.  I would not want to be judged by my sexual frustrations of my 30’s today … what was true of me then is not true of me now.  So i personally do not identify with drudging up these old so called “sexual misdeeds”.   My interest here is merely the relationships between story and emotion in our multiple indenity world.   How do we create reality with our thoughts?  How does it work to our human glory and power … how does it work against it?

too many #birdies to cook.

There was only so much you can face & then you retreat inside.

After an election is over it is too late to sue for libel & slander . Yet before the election there is not time to prove one way or another especially after a 30 year gap in the time of the so-called offenses & the election.  An army of M$M hacks & twitterers & partisans & liars can do what they will .  Seems as if politics is getting dirtier & dirtier. THe Internet is a wonderful thingy. Fuck it all.

follow the tag #raymoorechildmolester to twitter … that is where i got it … it is the tag room of the scandale …  to correlate this thought into that context is the only reason i used it here.

Ouch!  dude, don’t change the subject to my “butthole” … don’t get into that shit again null … it hurt too much the first time.

i still do not see how that sheds any light in this context.  Really, honestly, can you enlighten me?

It is amazing how much shit is left over when I don’t give any – truly astounding.

One thing that is bubbling up these days is the meme “the seriousness of the charge means we must do something about it” regardless of whether it is true or false. In this case there is an attempt to get rid of the candidate & make him resign before the election. Some are even trying to do that with Trump & the Russia obsession after the election.  I wonder how much time & money in obstruction is getting wasted that the taxpayers have little control over. null