"Physical Evidence"?

I the days of the Wild Wild West not unlike the days of the Wild Wild Internet of today , Twitter, Facebook, Wikileaks & others justice was swift. One gathered a posse of like minded men & took the perp to the nearest oak tree & accused & hung him.  Sometimes they built gallows & had a public hanging after a swift trial.
Certain segments in the South didn’t fair so well either . Some just couldn’t wait for a trial phoney or otherwise. Nowadays the M$M does the job of the trial .



You said that to say what?

Whatever process happens to determine justice,  “physical evidence” is what convinces.   There is a reason for that … otherwise we must rely on the #HeSaidSheSaid  of the reality that we each of us make up … er, even conspiratorially by gossiping with others.  Now just what kind of “twisted” reality is #RushLimbaugh making up above?

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