Bitcoin vending machine in the South Center Mall

two shots of the screen …

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I wonder if it goes through a bank or if it speaks bitcoin protocol directly to the peer-2-peer networks. null

it uses

Do you feed it a credit card or $$ or ??

only way to proceed is to insert your card … you cannot start a transaction with cash.

it is already getting your DL# – not anonymous any more.

how else could an account be established except by some form of “physical evidence” of identity?

download a wallet to your smart phone.

well to use the vending machine, you need a card to stick into it to start the transaction.  i do not think there is anything that communicated direct from the vending machine to your smartphone app.  but i agree, that seems strange.

I think the trial version of #AA book Bitcoin tells you how.  Now to get money into it you may need to start with cash & an exchange or find someone who will pay you in bitcoin. Try it with your business maybe. Go to a meetup somewhere & give someone some cash to send you some millibitcoins … today a single bitcoin is worth $7192 which means you are likely to get a fraction of one for $10 . may help.

yeah maybe …. eg, … or even … which is a Webinar that even you could attend.

I am still waiting till I get a smart phone.

want my old one? … several generations behind, but i believe it was still working … but honestly, i wouldn’t wish old technology on you.   nevertheless you can get one today even with the cell phone plan quite affordably … word has it that some company is giving away androids with an affordable plan.

I’m not in a hurry.  no plan is affordable.  just finished a refi on the house.  got rid of old retarded non smart phone just the other day. still seeing how well the new refi works out.

Thanks for the offer – what is the model?

i’ll see if i can find it in the junk pile

wow! Bitcoin went above $8000 yesterday!