Ok ! ... Ok ! ... I get it ! ... after all i am a man

Ok ! … ok … i get it … after all i am a man.   Our culture is changing.   The social/sexual rules are changing.   Where have we been?  … and where are we going ?

well power and social standing does not grant a man the personal right of a woman’s body … no matter how righteously he covets and adorers her.  it still must be her personal right of acceptance or rejection.  i think we are on the cusp of that belief being manifest in our culture. 

Growing is sometimes felt individually as pain …  let us , man and woman honestly feel it together.

That is but one side of the coin that i see.

The flip side is #BoysWillBeBoys and #GirlsWillBeGirls and let the game of #Amore continue.

My only question is what the punishment should be now to us poor blokes who were unaware back then of this new cultural change in acceptable courting habits.

#MeToo #tweeden Leeann Tweeden on TwitterAl Franken on Twitter , alfranken.com


before explaining in more detail … i will let my tweet stand as my response …

Some of these things are not surprising since sexual gender is disappearing & the “Chickification” of society has been #millenialized to completion by this age.  Think of words & memes that are anti-male in schools. Maleness is being taught as oppression in some public schools.
I think Bill Clinton, president, set a peculiar standard ‘93-2001’ on sex with his famous “IS” speech.
Things done a generation or so ago in different parts of the country with the Internet may violate standards made up today by the M$M & #TwitterRobots
Future enemies in war may only need to do chemical warfare with estrogennull

well power and social standing does not grant a man the personal right of a woman’s body … no matter how righteously he covets and adorers her.  it still must be her personal right of acceptance or rejection.  i think we are on the cusp of that belief being manifest in our culture. 

Growing is sometimes felt individually as pain …  let us , man and woman honestly feel it together.

That is but one side of the coin that i see.

The flip side is #BoysWillBeBoys and #GirlsWillBeGirls and let the game of #Amore continue.

My only question is what the punishment should be now to us poor blokes who were unaware back then of this new cultural change in acceptable courting habits.

Of course, & given today’s #TwitterRobots does opening a car door or complimenting a woman on her good looks the trigger for sexual harrassment lawsuits?

… no that is not even on the table.

How about cigars & pizza in the oval office?

I like this one on Drudge headline this AM:


Did someone get a boner on this one: http://www.wtsp.com/news/graphic-obscene-skydrawings-spotted-in-okanogan-co/492521457

… well that is not even the same subject as “opening a car door or complimenting a woman on her good looks ”.

Bill was personally attracted to Monica.  Was Monica personally attracted to Bill ? … shucks i don’t know, i was not in her skin.  Now Bill was certainly powerful … and Monica was his subject.   A ticklish predicament to be in for both of them … pretty much like a man being attracted to a pretty underaged child … and acting on that attraction … the child not having enough life experience  to respond honestly for herself.   In our new world … #postWeinstein … he should be punished.


could be a cartoon top hat too … just saying.

today’s EEOC will tell you that power over as in a boss-employee interaction is a mine-field of potential sexual-harrassment .

is not “power over” pretty much the relationship that in fact creates the mine-field ?   Men, historically, have used that “power over” to gain sexual gratification against women’s will.  That is almost the very definition of “sexual-harassment”.   Those are the elements of the crime. 

… goes to the politicization & the weaponization of sex or relationships between the sexes just like race has been weaponized – isms galore – ism cards just like race-cards will separate people from eachother.
Demogogery & #groupthink will prevail instead of the finer senses involved in a soul experiencing the golden rule.

Well men use power … women use their sexual attraction.   That is the predicament of the battlefield.  We know that … but beyond that what are you saying?

some conversation is here …

explains why there are more female prostitutes than male … but it doesn’t explain human-human interaction – go for the higher level I call human for transformation & metamorphosis of society ….

I think this woman thinks through her #cunt

did you read the entire thread?  Do you follow Sarah and know how she actually behaves?

anyway you just provided an example of another kind of sexual herassment … not the one that is being dealt with by #tweeden because let’s face it you have zero power over @sarahkendzior.  you example is more like the power of  uninformed static and  #gossip … yucky stuff indeed … me i almost suppressed it here.  Please bear in mind that i will probably publish this article … so don’t say anything here that you would not say to Sarah personally.

I read the twitter & didn’t chase anything else nor will I.

… whatever.

Image result for "SexualHarassment" i’m leaving your good example of #SexualHarassment static.  let’s not beat it to death.

… i don’t know what you are saying in this specific context.

Yep & I am leaving your #RWG of your political persuasion where it belongs ….

i’m not sure what substantially you are saying with that insult.

… but the lady speaks a truth, even in that one tweet
… me thinks you should hear what she is telling you.

the phrase “for every vile man” is #cunt-speak” xor could be replace by the phrase “for every vile female” etc … reversing the sex specs.

yeah it is a battlefield …
and a love nest ...
do we not like totally know that? 

tag #BattleOfTheSexes 

engaging in that battle here as our awareness floats above the field, me thinks, is a #CatagoryError null

Whatever that means – you brought it up!

thinking a “category error” is to think a mistake … is to think a thought that has no practical value.


Yep & you brought up the entire thought here! & the taste of #RWG etc.


I am talking about the new change in the rules of the game of love between man and woman.

Which has nothing to do with fighting with you and certainly nothing to do with trading sexual insults  with Sarah.

Well in summary my FB approach is my take on that: (you can grind a different axe)

As with race , sex problems can transform & metamorphose from the HUMAN point-of-view. Learn to think & feel & act from the heart instead of politics. Try remembering the Golden Rule rather than your political party first.
   – M.R.

yeah, like you said, you are grinding a different axe.

Xor YOU are grinding an axe all by yourself & I have risen to a higher plane of human understanding .null

… or quite the opposite has just happened null

incidentally there are many people grinding this axe … from many sides … it is not just me … i just barely touched a feather to it here.

sinking back into the #RWG again – please notice that reflection is hard to grasp when your head looks: like:
 ← &→ your party like this: 
← & you haven’t read the book yet: 

Possible solution:

yeah you said that above.  i don’t understand how it bears on this awareness.

OK #asshole ! , #Shit-Ass

Well in summary my FB approach is my take on that: (you can grind your mind differently)

As with race , sex problems can transform & metamorphose from the HUMAN point-of-view (best). Learn to think & feel & act from the heart instead of politics. Try remembering the Golden Rule rather than your political party first.
   – M.R.

Is anyone accused of actual rape, forced-fucking someone threatening violence , except Bill Clinton (Juanita Broderick) – ignoring the statutory stuff of the judge & the piggery of funnyman? Perhaps there is some with Harvey Weinstein?

can you give a real example of acting  “from the heart” in a way “more human” than acting from that to which we have bonded?  …. especially an example where a man is interacting with a woman.

well the bar is being raised.   the violence of nonconsenting sexual penetration is no longer the only element of the tort.

times and the culture change … i say #AcceptAndMoveOn to live in present society.

Yep, you seem to think you are the authority on that.  I say the bar of personal responsibility is being lowered since Bill: https://goo.gl/BsnRst & the demos will continue to protect their own. & His wife continued on to run for president herself; shamelessly pretending to be pro women’s rights. null

yep one  thinks, feels, and acts from different aspects of  being … some yielding better results than others in different situations.  i totally agree null  For example a man does not make love to a woman from his head chakra.

here we deal with the interaction of men to  women and the resultant effects on the women which that characteristic interaction produces.   Sarah said, “For every vile man, there are many talented women who’ve been reluctant to enter a sexist political arena.  Men, you are not as precious and irreplaceable as you think you are. Clean house.”  I take her speech coming from her chakra of her concern for our human society. #gaslighting that to her cunt chakra is nothing short of changing the subject and  #SexualHarassment. 


well look at all the examples that are coming forth recently … Weinstein, Cosby, Al Franken, Kevin Speacek, Moore, etc, etc.  These are torts that would have been swped under the carpet 10 years ago.  Ignore what is actually happening at your own risk.

incidentally i think this new change should be thought of separated from politics.  in its own right it is quite apart from that.  in fact women using this as a partisan weapon is pretty abominable in my judgment … good thing that it happens on both sides of the aisle.  Even #tweeden (a frequent contributor to Hannity’s show) explicitidly said that associating this movement with politics is “disgusting”.

well as examples go, that is not one null.

incidentally i find that how i think, feel, act, with others bonds and connects is various changing peculair ways … that seems to be the nature of my life … fixing that that according to some pre determined idealistic notion seems  alien to my soul … rather i do what i will and feel accordingly.  that is  me … just saying.



 Who knows? We may be witnessing the coming out of the generation who is authentic about thinking, feeling & being with their genitals? Perhaps they will be labeled in the future the #GenitalGeneration.

null funny switch … but the women are raising the bar, not lowering it.

Men AND Women have genitals.

This is another aspect of #tweeden’s story that should be verified … Leeann Tweeden Says She Accepts Al Franken’s Apology After Claims She Planned Attacks

Fact is that Tweeden was a frequent contributor to Hannity’s twist.

yep, you said that to say what?  … i got your joke … but i don’t get your narrative.

My comment was mostly about Nate’s FB post 
dโ€™Artagnan Evergreen Barbosa Just try being authentic instead. Itโ€™s ALL you EVER need do! 
 Your funny switch had nothing to do with it.
I will truly know that sexual relations between humans has changed when there is equality of prostitution.

THe smear campaign is in full gear especially the picture on POLIPAGE – samo-samo w/ Bill Clinton.

oh ok i get that.

You bring up a excellent point:  men crave sexual gratification more than women … hence there are more female prostitutes than males.  The balance of power is already naturally biased.  I believe that is a consequence of our biology.  

How does that work with this new cultural change?

I disagree that men crave sexual gratification more than women.   
I never had the thought to get violent for sex. 
I don’t believe there is a cultural change.
I believe there is a M$M fad & newsfront with undertones of something to sweep HRC’s Uranium One mess off the front pages etc.

well what is your explanation of the economics related to the fact that there are more femal than male prostitution and the that prices are more for the women? 

Certainly “men crave sexual gratification more than women” is an over simplification … but whatever is happening it is a market and subject to market forces of supply and demand.

give me a break … these women’s accusations have nothing to do with the Clintons null

The Clinton’s abuses does. Some day you will be smart enough to wake up & smell the #horseshit the M$M is spreading around.

Air Fuck Onehttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5090399/Bill-Clinton-accused-sexual-assault-four-women.html 
null I wonder what the price of a ticket on that airline is ? null

whatever … i am truly not going to argue your conspiracy or mine in this thought.   it is not about that.  it is trying to go beyond that.

where you noticed that there are more female prostitutes than males is a solid contribution to understanding what is happening here.  could you elaborate on how that effects thinking re the changinge game or how it does not change anything?

this entire train has been suppressed for these reasons.

Women are better at wagging their tails & marketing the product! … especially in Hollywood.
… explain a multi-billion-$ cosmetic, hair, high-heel shoes & women’s clothing industry. null

#tweeden spontaneously and apparently consensually responds to #SexualAttraction …

http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2017/11/17/second-woman-comes-forward-accuse-al-franken-harassment/    ← dualing herassment

Unpacking this might just be what is happening …. [bold emphasis mine]

I did not call myself a feminist until I was nearly 20 years old. My world had taught me that feminists were ugly and ridiculous, and I did not want to be ugly and ridiculous. I wanted to be cool and desired by men, because even as a teenager I knew implicitly that pandering for male approval was a woman’s most effective currency. It was my best shot at success, or at least safety, and I wasn’t sophisticated enough to see that success and safety, bestowed conditionally, aren’t success and safety at all. They are domestication and implied violence.

To put it another way, it took me two decades to become brave enough to be angry. Feminism is the collective manifestation of female anger.

They suppress our anger for a reason. Let’s prove them right.

Uma Thurman
quoted in NYT


Kill Bill.C then – I am a Humanist.

There are a lot of aspects of our sexuality each of which has flip sides.   Primarily however, now with this new sexual  paradigm i think we must accept that each of us is free to choose that to which we are attracted and that with which we sexually interact … eg how we sexually touch and are touched. That should never be imposed upon us against our will or beyond our consciousness.  So it follows that we must only interact sexually with consenting partners beyond the age of consent.  Period … no exceptions!

#sexual #MeToo #sexualassault #SexualAttraction #SexualHarassment #Freedom


an excellant train of though that i wanted to express on this is here …

especially …

an excellent example of using #MeToo in a #propoganda meme …
after absorbing that meme you might want to go somewhere and unscramble your brain

Maybe this is why god invented a burqua.

null forcing a woman to hide her attraction as if men have no restraint null


Forcing someone to have sex with you assuming you have power over them just proves you don’t have the power at all.

proves you don’t have sexual power.

… & exactly what I said.

Maybe the Dems will really get mad now – the Norks are treating women bad:
Women forced into North Koreaโ€™s military face rape, starvation and snakes in the shower

Women forced into North Korea’s military face rape, starvation and snakes in the shower

Female North Korean soldiers are often raped, stop menstruating because of the tough environment and are forced to reuse sanitary pads during their army service, a North Korean defector revealed Monday.

yeah America is way ahead of the curve … other countries are behind …. eg #CostaRico 

Yeah, public lynchings do sell newspapers. See - it doesn’t matter whether this shit is true.  I’m not saying either way.  Just the accusation destroys a person’s reputation.  How does a person get it back.  I’m even wondering whether the reverse is true a woman who is accused of inappropriate touching.

Well shucks there is that #RWG aspect of #MeToo.   As long as it is only used as a political weapon, then i suppose there should be considerations of proof and even some notion of forgiveness and a statue of limitations.

… and playing that game It should be noted how a total denial by the alleged perpetrator can be touted as a story more credible than that of the accuser.  Does that hang together for you?  Notwistanding that it does not for  most women especially those who have actually experienced #SexualHarassment at the hands of a powerful man.

But can not this movement be seen as going beyond that #RWG game and instead enhancing the possibility that women will be treated in our society more like the free humans they actually are? … though they are so very sexually appealing to us that we seek to covet them even against their will.

XOR the notion “innocent till proven guilty” .  I am surprised that YOU are posing as a spokesman for women; … since you aren’t one! 
Maybe study: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presumption_of_innocence


… and you know that how?

… sonny!

tag #trans

When did you go through the sex change ? who knew? null

sex is in your mind and how it behaves in the culture … no surgery necessary.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XY_sex-determination_system  talks about the the biological basis of sex that some identity groups want to sweep under the table so that transexual can become an alternate sex. OTOH, just pumping a body full of estrogens & androgens  and chopping off a dick does not make a female out of a male – it just makes a male with his dick chopped off – pumped full of drugs & more surgeries; political correctness notwithstanding.
… I left out an assemblage of psychiatrists needed to convince the former male he is now a female & worth all the resources it took to make up the semblance of one.

You seem to assign cause a lot to culture – thus eliminating individual responsibility & giving it to an amorphous group probably mostly influenced by the M$M.

Nevertheless, you are free to do what you want to in that regard. null

The front domino is #against the next domino … just as i am #against my culture.  Attributing cause to culture does not preclude attributing cause to self or “individual responsibility”.   If there were no culture, there would be no sexual behavior.   Being #trans recognizes that all of sex is not just involved with intrinsic biology .. which as things change is not quite so intrinsic as conservative political correctness seems to lead you to believe.

i do not need to “pump my body full of estrogens & androgens  and chop off my dick” to go beyond the sexual patterns that conservative political correctness seems to think it can dictate to me. 

Nor do i need, or solicit, your approval null

tag #trans 

Yeah to those who politicize everything including sex!

Life & sex is not a game of dominos – #CategoryFaliure (*)

it relates directly to your comment about, me “assigning cause to a lot to culture”.   culture has profound effect (cause) in  any person’s life.    If you doubt that we are not even living in the same world.  the effect is just as very direct as one structure leaning on another sturcture.

#SoYouSay – you & d’A…… seem to like to declare stuff as if it applied anywhere outside your direct lives.   Enjoy da #juice – don’t expect me to drink the koolaid.

More after thanksgiving Uma

Well mark, you “seem to like to declare stuff as if it applied anywhere outside your direct [life]” as much as anyone else. You just seem to get all #FOBiC about it when it is anyone else doing it except you. You seem much more comfortable with the types of people who, in their patterns of speech and politeness, go out of their way to consend that they are not trying to change you in any way. Of course, you don’t usually pull any punches on your own end in that reguard …

i have no idea what you are objecting to here mark.  I believe that my actions are not always (or even usually) independent of my culture,  if i believed differently than i would be living a completely different life.    I also see how others are effected by the culture in which they grow up.   I also love to notice when one one of our species #JumpsTheShark …


Doesn’t that come from Happy Day’s when Fonzie jumped the shark in an episode as a desperate attempt to save the series on network television? Doesn’t it refer to someone doing something outrageous in order to get people to take notice of them, and which usually fails miserably? How is that something you love to notice?

seth, #IDC if you want to continue to play dumb in order for you to find a touchstone for one of your own brilliant ideas.  The #huh planet is yours … I don’t want to take it away from you. Gathering #birdies doesn’t justify your actions only you can & I can for mine.  The law says that too except it involves some sauce of corruption to make it go down. (#AlreadyAlwaysArguing lawyers).

yep that is from where the term comes … and yes it came from our TV culture way back in the 50’s.

The interpretation of intention“doing something outrageous in order to get people to take notice of them”, however is just a unnecessary judgemental from without.  My own interpretation of the term #JumpsTheShark is doing something that has never been done before … something, perhaps, that is a new behavior even for that species.   The intention is not to be noticed though it can be a side effect.

If i go in the world even dressed as #PattyCutman then i will consider that, at least in the context of my own life, it will be #JumpsTheShark.  The term applies.  It will put me in a different relationship to others in my culture.  That would be my thing … something new to me … your approval or justification  is not necessary, and not being solicited.

You seem to be mixing things seth. There is what was done in the episode itself, which has the connotations you say. Then there is what was done by the network executives and screenwriters which is characterized as what I say above and is how I have always heard the term used.

i.e I have never heard it stand alone as you use it. I have only heard “Don’t jump the shark” which refers to not sacrificing your integrity in a gamble to save something. I believe it is a good idea to take gambles … one must try new things to succeed. But referencing it to jumping the shark points to the sacrifice of integrity in order to achieve something … at least so far as I have ever heard it used.

analogous to doing weird things on YouTube to get followers, trending & other kudos finally to get into the media M$M.

Gathering #birdies doesn’t justify your actions only you can & I can for mine.


Well an action that follows from someone speaking for a group, certainly does justify that action to that group.   I don’t understand how you can say that it does not.

Me, i have found that most of my actions do not even need to be justified even to a group of me alone.  In fact when i waste time trying to justify action, i usually do nothing. 

being noticed is certainly an aspect of #JumpsTheShark.   #aug that just as you will.  but realize that new things get noticed in our culture … er, for a reason.  me,  i would hate to be living in a world of nothing new.

I prefer to choose my own leaders &/or my own way & … a  lead, follow or get out of the way thingy.
Many in history became fellow travelers and became robots to anti-human things.  History is full of such: Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Johng Ill, … etc .  Informed by the Golden Rule without haggling one needs no leaders.  Good Lucknull

yep i use the term to mean what i want it to mean.   Was the parrot in the movie above jumping the shark?  To me it seems that she was.   Was her intention to pander to the outrageous to get noticed?  I think that is just a judgemental #aug on her real intention that is being attributed by you.

There are many intentions that drive a #trans individual to come out.  I think it is truly an error to generalize them.  Being seen as bizarre and outrageous can be mixed up in there but can be more just a matter of feeling authentically different and needing to express that externally.  Any #aug on that is all on you, my friends.

I guess this item is so commented that I lost even the interest needed to go back & figure out what you were talking about.  Enjoy! … talk amongst yourselves . 

shucks, I “choose my own leaders &/or my own way” too.  

apparently we are already in violent agreement null

yep, focus in following a bouncing ball is difficult.  the more people get involved in bouncing the ball, the more difficult you could expect it becomes.  lately i have been spending lots of time on twitter.  that is an excellent water in which to swim to practice focusing even outside of your own skin.

You can make it mean anything you want, sure. But if you want to communicate with others in harmony, you should use it as it is is commonly being used (which I am confident I have related) … or … you can fork your own new meaning, but if so, clarify that explicitly to all, not just use it as a hash tag.

What I think happened here is neither. I think you simply heard it around the water cooler (so to speak) and developed an unexamined idea of what it meant and now you are defending your momentum on the subject … and reacting with counter push to my push for you to use it rightly.

XOR a place most likely to find anonymous insults … from robots

anyway i think you know what i meant by using #JumpsTheShark … the language of the term worked just as i intended.  i’ll try and notice if others use the term more frequently as i have here, or as you are telling me that they “should”.  to date i have heard it used both ways and have been studying it for several years.  if it is important to you, you could follow the term to twitter and study the examples there and determine stastically which way is winning null

Okay, two rightful comments by both of you in a row! Will wonders never cease!   

seth rightfully identifies the need to get in the ring, exchange blows, and grow with it. And mark rightfully identifies Twitter as a useless cesspool!

Actually I exactly didn’t know what you meant and that was why I asked … and clarified it for you so that you could let us know what you did mean, which you finally added later, even though it is an uncommon use.

and now nathan has chirped in with his irrelevant judgments null

And p.s., here is what Google says it means … which is pretty much what I said. Sorry, your statistics are indicitive of your rather smallish box, as we have established elsewhere many times … not a problem, but … it is true.

jump the shark

  1. informal
    (of a television series or movie) reach a point at which far-fetched events are included merely for the sake of novelty, indicative of a decline in quality.

I write what is most relevant to me.

Who doesn’t?

& Nate pats himself on the back as if he were the ringleader of the circus.
null#NotMyMonkey #NotMyCircus  …. & for all others:

XOR – realize you are the ringleader of your own circus … and that it really is a circus … even though you think it is “THE REALITY”. It’s not, it’s only your circus. I am just being honest about it, for my part. 

yet people love to look at a media in which things happen which they have never been see happening before.  i know i do.  The google definition and the way people relate to novelty according to their definition can be seen as “decline” only if “staying the same” is seen as a virtue.  

tag #JumpsTheShark and/or #new null  and/or #surprise and/or #surprising
preaching “staying the same” as a virtue which should not be besmirched by looking outrageous by breaking out of the mold is falling on deaf ears over here … and the same goes for my (perhaps novel to you) use of the term #JumpsTheShark itslef null an

#NotMyCircus – not my ringleader nathan

The key difference is in the concept “integrity”.

Though it does not mention it explicitly, the google definition and the way the majority of people have been using the term #JumpsTheShark implies that there is a standard that it is undesirable to deviate from … that standard is “integrity”. Every created thing has a, somewhat difficult to exactly define, but nevertheless easily felt, quality that defines the integrity of the creation. Jumping the shark is our now well known term for describing this hard to define, but easily felt, thing, and that it has been left behind.

What you used #JumpsTheShark to mean is a very good concept. I am not arguing your desired meaning in relation to the parrot. What I am arguing is that you simply need to choose some other term to describe it. Using #JumpsTheShark for that well thought meaning is sloppy. #JumpsTheShark is well placed as a term to describe something we don’t have any other term for in our common language.

No, I am not your ringleader. I agree with you 100%.

Get over your #FOBiC please! We ain’t all here to lead you around the ring.

yeah okay and all.  i was trying it out here … i would need to try it out on a bigger audience to see if it got heard the way i wanted it heard.  don’t forget that context is king.  people hear, if they are listening, the meaning of a word that makes sense in the context in which it is used.  if they are not listening, who cares, they will misunderstand in favor of their own agenda,  whatever i say.

notice your are doing the same by implying the term connotes your peculair notion of “integrity”. 

a standard in art is, for me, always a thing to go beyond … and when done does break the integrity of the art. 
it is the old you cant make a omlet without breaking some eggs.

1. Okay. Perhaps you need to. I already have such an audience to draw upon … my clarity and confidence and plugged intoness of the current NOW and the people in it is that big.  

2. I am not redefining … rather I am making an attempt to more clearly define … even if I botch it, it is still not “doing the same thing”.

3. Yes, the idea of breaking what is to create something new is valuable. And it is a different idea. This idea is about integrity. If you paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa you do create new art and it may be useful, valuable, and even enjoyable to some. But, it is no longer in the integrity of the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci’s work. If a museum did that very thing in order to get customers to come to the museum, then they would be doing #JumpsTheShark.


i interpret it according to the current context of the opus.

sorry i don’t see that  as a debasement of a 16th century integrity …
rather i see it as a reference to that integrity in the context of  today.

thanks for bringing it to my attention null

Well as I have said, your interpretation is unexamined. You tend to twist things in order to be right. Or in other words, you do not always create what is outside yourself to match what is inside yourself, in fact, you have a belief that says doing so would be undesirable. That is a primary difference between you seth and most people, even when they are surprised, they are creating more consistently than you do in these kinds of scenarios. You wobble around and call it having an advantage in thinking. It is not an advantage, just nerdy different, and is born from one of your earliest insecurities in this lifetime.

Yes, I am speaking about what you believe I cannot know. Your belief notwithstanding … I have great clarity about you in these areas. I love you, but that is still true. 

huh?  null

That i “do not always create what is outside myself to match what is inside myself” i see as a result of my inadequate means of expression.  I’m working on that.  But I have no such “belief that says doing so would be undesirable” …. rather i believe that dredging up what has formed deep inside me and spewing it out in the world is the best of what my life is all about.  I think i have even said that here in another context.

I have no idea where your contra factual ideas about me come from.  They don’t come from listening to me.  Have you ever thought of examining those in yourself … rather than projecting them on me? … eh, nathan.

#LOL … well, you don’t even believe you create what is outside yourself … hence your choice of assumption that led you to misinterpret what I said. I literally mean that, as you create all that IS for yourself, you are creating something inside, and something outside. All of it, you create, or in this case, mis-create. I am not judging if what is created is right or wrong, you are judging that by yourself by your own inconsistency. The wobble I speak of IS your own judgment manifesting as a behavior.

Until you re-think what I said with this other basic assumption in place, it would be a folly to continue.

you are confusing your beliefs with mine.  don’t forget that ...
i do not believe,
as apparently do you,
that i am all there is null

So factoring that out of the true part of what you said … and hearing it back … might be fun … er, even for you …

As i create,
i do create something inside me
and also something outside me.  
But i am not the only one doing that. 

Where is there a inconsistency in that? 
… eh, nathan

Your quote contains ambiguities that can only be resolved by making assumptions.

But i am not the only one doing that.

Am I to assume that others create something inside themselves and outside themselves, and the entirety of both is all of one’s experience, which I know to be true? Or am I to assume that others create in the same one and only one pallet and material outside … something I know to be false, but you have often said you believe?

Your quote also implies things … some of which we differ in beliefs about.

So yes, I could make my own assumptions and choose my own implications and then your quote could be consistent for me and be consistent for you … what you are cavilerly calling truth. How does that help? It would not be like to like understanding.

“Am I to assume that others create something inside themselves and outside themselves” ~ nathan

Yep … actually that is precisely what i said.

… “and the entirety of both is all of one’s experience, which I know to be true? Or am I to assume that others create in the same one and only one pallet and material outside … something I kno” ~ nathan

Nope, you can not  “know to be true” what is unexpressed deep inside another since there is this peaky privacy built into our predicament.   Yep, that is my belief or assumption which i doubt that you hold.

So yeah, when my beliefs are just forced into your mind … or visa versa, that mind will go #tilt and experience an inconsistency.   Which is a good reason not to try to do that … or at least know from whence the #tilt arose.

Nope, you can not  “know to be true” what is unexpressed deep inside another since there is this peaky privacy built into our predicament.  

Sure I can know it to be true. I experience it. What else is there to truth than that? You don’t experience it, because you believe in a particular predicament. So yea, you don’t know if it is true or not, because of your belief. Truth is like that. You either know it is true because it is your experience, or you are not sure because it isn’t. There is no anti-truth which people can know anymore than there is inky black stuff that covers up the light. Light is light and illuminates when it is there, and when it is not, there is only lack of light which we call darkness but that is only a name, there is nothing but light. Also with truth. Truth is that which is so. That which is not truth is not so … there is nothing else.

That you define one thing inside and one thing outside doesn’t change any of that. It only labels things in a way that you can conveniently think about them while also holding your belief in a predicament that you think all humans must have in order to be human.

No one can force an idea or belief into the mind of another. The #tilt you experience is simply because you have ideas about what is possible and you swim in those ideas. There are those who have no #tilt experience at all no matter what they encounter. And I don’t “try to do [anything]” … I just talk … whatever is going on over there is all about you and how you relate to the experience you are having as you listen to my words … which IMHO is a good reason to do what I do.

You do not experience what i experience.  The same goes for me. 

Sorry, the rest of what you said just sounds like confusion.

what is unexpressed deep inside another

I experience that. When I want to experience it, I do. When I don’t want to, I usually don’t. I don’t have a belief that humans can’t do that and so I can and do have that experience.

I have never said I experience what you experience. That is not possible. It is your reality, not mine. The difference is knowledge verses experience.

well fine, whatever … nevertheless with almost every thing that you say to me you prove to me that you do not experience what i experience, deep inside myself which i do not express.   i just think you should know that.  take it for whatever you want.

Actually no, I don’t “prove that to you”. You prove it to yourself by choosing experience which validates the conditions you believe in. You could just as easily prove the opposite, or anything else, by the propensity of what you focus on in the realities you share with others.

well i will not prove to myself things that contradict what i hear with my ears or see with my eyes and feel with my hands. 

for example, when you tell me something about my experience with the words that you write and that i see with my eyes,  then you have proved to me that in fact you do not know of the experience of which you run your mouth.   there have been several examples of that happening in this very thread.

sorry, homey won’t play that way.

If homey could actually process sensory based information without the filters of beliefs and assumptions, then homey would discover a whole different ballgame. There is far far more that your senses indicate to you that you don’t experience than what you do. Science has discovered this too. As a ballpark, less than 10% of sensory information in our nervous system makes it into our awareness. Scientific LSD experiments have shown that it is probably even much smaller than that.

There is lots and lots of fudge room for your being to cherry pick sensory information in order to keep your complete experience consistent with your beliefs. Granted, your sensory based input is nearly all you appear to have to work with according to your current belief in the human predicament. Trust me though … and trust all the rest of humanity that has also had a much further range of experience … there is a whole hell of a lot more out there than you are currently experiencing!

trust all the rest of humanity that has also had a much further range of experience … there is a whole hell of a lot more out there than you are currently experiencing

Omg, of course, I totally agree null.   is that not exactly what i have been saying to you?

So then when you tell me that you know or experience something deep inside me, which i have not adequately expressed,  i conclude that you think that does not apply to yourself.

Exactly. You “conclude” it. You conclude it because you believe that the human predicament precludes knowing something deep inside others. And by all of that processing you end up with an experience that validates to you that I am not knowing such things.

One simple breakdown in all that processing is the simple fact that you think you haven’t adequately expressed something. NLP teaches us the simple fact that we are almost never aware of the entirety of what we express. Mark and I did exercises in class to show exactly how much this is so. But by your belief system, if you think you didn’t express it, then you believe that I can’t know it, and therefor you filter anything contrary to that out of your sensory awareness and thus your end point experience.

But it goes much further than that. There are plenty of people in the world who can reliably read the states of others deep inside them. Some of them only indirectly, these are called human lie detectors and are reliably used by some police forces. Others very directly and they are called psychics, among other names. Not all who claim to are able to … but plenty have proved that they can even to most skeptics. Even if you keep it simple and say they are only reading micro changes in body language, what of it? Fact is, there are those who can know.

Your conclusion is really just a statement of your own personal choice to not be aware of such things. Once you were aware of more, by your own admission. You made the choice to dumb down to minimal sensory based information, for the most part. That’s all you dude. Not everyone has made that choice and thus has the limited experience you do. The only ones you can be sure are like that are the handful of people you actually have real physical contact with in a way you would know that about them. Those you have chosen to surround yourself with because they validate your beliefs.

okay and all … but if you claim such a perception of others (apart from what they adequately express), how do your reconcile that with my perception that you frequently get me so very childishly and naively wrong null

#LOL … filters. You really have yours locked down tight with a strong choice of beliefs to back them up. I know this because most others I deal with have much looser filters than you do. We read each other’s deep parts just fine and to both our satisfaction. You don’t know this because … you don’t want to believe it.

Truth is apparent to those who experience it. Those who have their dimmer switch set lower experience less … all the way around from expression to sensing. You want to experience your reality at a very dim setting of the range available to the human condition … kind of baseline human perception. At times, you have even admitted this in one way or another. At the level of illumination you have set your dial it is very easy for you to see what you want to see when you experience my communication to you. Turn up the brightness of your awareness. The more you do, the harder it will be to interpret my responses to you as anything other than a good match.  

One way to do that is to classically meditate at least 20 minutes every day. When one stops thoughts, the dimmer switch of awareness naturally starts drifting up. It is a conditioned response to the sudden lack of input. But if you don’t like that, there are lots of drugs that do it too.

Well it is true that “we interpreted each other’s deep parts just fine” …. i believe that too.   But there is a profound difference between “reading somebody” and “interpreting what is perceived”.  You talk as if what you “read and interpret” is the fact of the matter beyond your own skin.  Whereas I believe that unless i am actually in somebody’s skin … walking in their shoes … i do not, nor can i,  know the truth of their experience.  The famous common sense meme to this effect holds together very well in this context.

Then there are the experiences called “ESP” or “clairvoyance”.  I am pretty sure that is to what you refer.   Let me clue you in … i have a keen sense of when i am in sync with another … when our inner beings are in tune.   I also have a keen sense of the dissonances that all to frequently arise.  These perceptions go way beyond what could be explained by sensual signals alone.  But i also know that what i personally perceive in those dimensions is more about me than about the other.  Those truths belong in the category of that which we create mutually … they are not unilaterally created … they are not like the truth that the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

Bashar says that reading someone’s inner thoughts is not actually mind reading. He says that it is simply matching vibrational state of being so that your vibrationally based experience is giving you the same information as theirs is. In other words, people don’t read each other’s minds, they just become alike until they are having the same experience, or at least the same in the area where knowledge is desired. In other words … yes, it is like walking in their shoes.

This is what it is like for me. When I have these experiences what I know and what the other(s) know is a match all the way around for us as long as they too have their awareness dimmer switch set high enough. That’s good enough for me and good enough for them. What does it matter how or why it works? I know what they know and they know what I know. We often know what the other is going to say before they say it. That’s where things get juicy and fun. That is what is interesting and delicious!

Sounds great … but you don’t do it around here … yet you run your mouth as if you did.

But, I do do it around here. You just don’t turn up your own awareness dimmer switch until you can perceive what I am doing. You don’t do it back!

What I have learned here is to be able to stay at a particular setting of my own dimmer switch no matter what you or Mark does contrary to it. Some time ago, even beginning of last summer, I couldn’t do that at all. Now I can … a lot of the time (not all the time obviously, that’s my own limiting human condition story, for now).

When you start doing one of the many things that many varied teachers are now teaching humans to do to increase their awareness, then you will quickly notice what I am doing. Do something explicit to increase the light of your awareness and you will see all the things I do that are hard to see in the dim light you have on. They will become apparent to you. Right now, the only feedback I get from you or Mark on all the things I do are that they are trivial, fanciful, or useless. When you can see more of the whole of what I am doing, those things will make more sense to you … and you will start doing them yourself too.

Watch a large flock of sparrows darting around the sky at twilight and you may only see a dark blob moving around above you. Watch them in full daylight and you will see an amazing synchronized dance by many individuals, one that might just take your breath away!

But you got to do something. Your awareness dimmer switch does not move on it’s own nor does it move by any measure of critical thinking. I meditate several times a day most days. I do rampages of appreciation (which is yet another tool to use to up the dimmer switch), and I grid a lot. My dimmer switch has a pretty large range I can access now that I have been doing these things daily for several years. Pick one and do it. Choose your own teacher, doesn’t have to be any of mine. Lots of teachers know this stuff in a wide variety of ways and systems, and there is one who knows a method that will work well for you. You only have to ask of the universe, or your higher self, and be ready, join in when a teacher appears. You will then see what is now hidden, everywhere in the world, and inside other people, not just the things I do here you are missing.

okay that is your story …

from outside over here your effect is more like

← a bull in china shop …

who has eyes,

yet refuses to open them.

With the news & the 21 hidden comments when I click on an comment the positioning doesn’t work. It is almost useless.  Maybe start another thought this one is wasted munge of fruit loops.

#done … see “The value of twiter in our society” although it is a different topic. 

anyway we had already bounced quite far from the subject of #SexualHarassment …
we started enacting another kind of harassment … maybe call that one #HolierThanThou, or #HighHorsey

which are all forms of the #RWG

yep pretty much.

Well, all you guys gotta do to make the positioning work is fill in the vertical size of your images. You can do this automatically using the image widget in the editor.

The page positioner is working correctly, as you can see by the fact that it takes you to the correct comment briefly … but then all your images without a known vertical size start filling in and making the page get longer and longer pushing the comment you just got positioned to off the bottom.

So … either fill in your image vertical sizes … or stop using so many images!

That’s pretty much exactly right. When I, a bull of the leading edge, visit your fragile and boxed in china shop, the result is pretty much havoc! Can’t hardly turn around in my own mind without breaking or stressing some aspect in your delicately ordered and contained vibrational experience.

Learn how to come out to the free range where I normally romp and play with my mates … you will have one hell of an amazing time!

Speaking of bulls: http://fastblogit.com/thought/24607

XOR get someone who can .. fix the fucking bug!

I have limited internet and no desire to pay for more. Spring for me to have general internet ($28 + tax per month) and I’ll automate that feature for you as well as many others, without charge.

p.s. There is no such thing as a bug. The world is exactly as you create it to be and is a perfect reflection of all that you put into the creation. Anyone can adjust anything in their reality to any degree desired anytime they want. The idea of a bug is an idea built on quite a number of false assumptions about the nature of reality and evolution. Granted, those who focus on the idea of bugs create bugs and those who focus on finding bugs find bugs … but it does not have to be that way for the programmer or the user. Focus on the essence of the experience you personally want to have and nothing else, and it will gradually become exactly what you do experience. The idea that programs will have bugs is an age old human created and human maintained idea. The code the universe runs on does not have erronous bytes.


Well the code that a programmer puts into a computer my produce results that the programmer did not want or intend.   That is what the programmer calls a “programming bug”.  … or if the programmers like the unexpected results they could call it a “feature”.  So programming “bug”/“feature” is a judgment made by the programmers or their management.  It is a judgment relative to the programmer or her management.  Change either of those and you may get a different judgment. 

The code the universe runs on might be judged to have erroneous bytes … depending on who is judging it.  I watched Mark and Elaine fight each other Saturday morning.  Certainly some “bytes” inside him and/or inside her were “erroneous”, else that destructive energy would not have been wasted in their fight … especially since it took them a while to recuperate. 

So i disagree … there are bugs.  I always know them when i see them.

Never hire a programmer who doesn’t grok what a bug is! null xor that “ 0 = 3 “ is a bad solution to a complex mathematical equation.

Well seth, if you want to experience things like bugs in your verses you can generate the conditions which produce that experience … as many humans have been doing.

I am not interested in that experience and fortunately the intrinsic nature of the verses does not require such experiences to be had.  I suggest that you don’t really need those experiences either.

As to Mark and Elaine … I don’t believe I have the knowledge to judge an argument between them right or wrong or productive or not. Who knows what each of their higher self’s set up that circumstance to achieve? That it was destructive energy can only be judged by you for some goal assumption you personally have about it all. Also, what you describe is not the code of the universe, it is just the current life code of those individuals … the cumulation of their own beliefs and habits … i.e. their own personal programming, not the intrinsic code of the universe.

Never hire a programmer who believes in bugs … unless you want to pay for him to debug them for you.

No thanks for the #RWGBait – That’s why I am not going to pay for the things which you put in the programs , which piss off real users, to be fixed! … No matter xor whatever you call them.

It’s so interesting that someone who’s signature is to not be a belief robot, and to get rid of beliefs, so strongly want’s to hold onto a limiting belief about bugs.

I have been actively eliminating a belief I have that programming necessarily generates bugs. As a result, I have written several large sections of code lately that worked perfectly the first time in every way. Eliminating limiting beliefs works … as your own signature line indicates. Why do you doubt yourself mark?

A continuous #RWGBait-Machine doesn’t compel agreement just because it goes on automatic.  Enjoy da #juice ..d’A…… null

I enjoy the experience I design … you can enjoy the juice from da machine.

Well mark could tell us what was in him mind … and we could ask Elaine on facebook.

There is code that applies to all of the universe … eg opposite charges attack … hard to change that.  Then there is code that applies to just our own beings … that we can change relatively easily.  Knowing the difference takes a bit of life’s experience … don’t expect a 4 y.o. to be able to tell the difference.

if i want to have an experience of you saying “X”, one way is to hang around you until you just say it … i wouldnโ€™t bet on that.  The other way is to ask you: What does Y equal in this equation:  Y = X ?  If you dint to answer me correctly then you will say X and i will have my desired experience.  With  cooperating persons it is frequently possible to get our desired result by choosing an appropriate stimulus.  Frequently, but not always.  Hence life is always an adventure … we never know how it will turn out.

With cooperating thoughts, it is even more frequent to get one’s desired result than with action. All I need do is think about someone supplying the answer I desire with absolute confidence and no counter thinking and I will have that experience very soon, without any other action or knowing how it will come. It is one of the most basic Laws of the reality experience.

And yes, life is always an adventure! Knowing how to more frequently get the results one wants does not have any negative effect on the adventure aspect … in fact, it actually goes up … because one is more diligently focusing on the adventure they are having instead of action based details which bog the mind, and the whole journey, down.

more #SamoSamo doesn’t make your shit taste any better – recycle yourself.

Re: Ok ! ... Ok ! ... I get it ! ... after all i am a man (comment 82702) I don’t remember any arguments with Elaine – she is very mellow compared to you two. null

In fact I do!

I have been drinking my own pee at times for the last few years … it is extremely health giving and cures quite a few things. And so do millions of people world wide today.

Read more about it:


Ah yes. The classic Bill Clinton defense! (I don’t recall if Monica and I did that)

Did you not inhale too?

it was Sunday and we were in your house (not your condo) and had been watching the show and me and Elaine got into the concepts in this thought.   Then you and her disagreed … i don’t remember the exact context.  But anyway you two ended up with a bit fo firstly cuffs.  I seem to remember Elaine showing me her wounded arm.

I never had a condo.  What city/state/year?

Like the bug I identified earlier – too much shit on this to navigate the news of more comments along with 21 hidden comments as well.  I do recommend nathan eat his own solid waste as well as his urine – if for no other reason , healthy or not, to remind himself of what he puts out. 

What bug did you think you identified?

That the page jumps around is not even a bug by classic definition … if anything, it is operator error because the operator is not filling a vertical height for his images. No spec was ever conceived or generated to have the program do that for the operator … having #SeriTD do it is entirely a wishful thing … something that would be nice. Something nice, better, more evolved, is not a bug by even classic definitions. Classically a bug is code that does not do what it was specified to do … not the case here at all.

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