The value of twiter in our society

Si says ...
And mark rightfully identifies Twitter as a useless cesspool!


Okay, you are right. Twitter is not “useless”.

It is teaching people by bruit force to abhor inauthentic communication.

Someone misquoted me – try quoting yourself instead.

People tweet just like they talk … and they talk just like they think.  They do that wherever and to whoever … in small or in large groups.  Twitter is just a forum where they can think and talk to the largest group of people with which they can tune their attention. 

Incidentally when i first went on the internet back in ~94, mostly in newsgroups, i noticed that people acted differently than they acted in person.  They frequently engaged their fanaticizes and played as if they were in a game with no real consequences.  Being anonymous and not using their real name encouraged that behavior.  But that is not a required feature of twitter or of the internet in general.   Many people on twitter and on the internet use their real name and speak honestly their thought and accept the consequences of their actions, just as do i.  Others hide behind the mask of a throw-away avatar.  But you are free to do as you will on twitter, just as on any other stage on which you enact your life.

Twitter is not teaching anything in and of itself … people can talk there just as authentically (or dishonestly) as anyplace else.  That you think people are unusually dishonest there, is just what you yourself pre-judge them to do.  But fact is there are just as many  speaking their true mind honestly on #Twitter as any place else.  But you don’t notice that, do you? … why? … er, well as far as i can tell because you just don’t look outside of your own closed mind.   I’m guessing that you have not spent even as much as one hour reading and writing on twitter in your entire life.  Yet you tell yourself that you know all about it and spew you negative biases about it into the world anyway.   

Alternatively you could  walk out of what your have created in your mind as a cesspool, giving up that prejudice.  You could tune your attending to that which you never knew existed and discover it is not a cesspool at all, but rather a flourishing being.  But you won’t do that … nope … it would require you to give up something that you too dearly covet believing on faith, brute and desire,  it is all you experience.

i quoted Nathan as he paraphrased what he interpreted you as implying.  What you actually said was …

XOR a place most likely to find anonymous insults … from robots

which is a better truth than what Nathan interpreted you as implying.

A twitter insult in the news: … slow news day.

Repeating a false claim even though you set it straight is what the fake news people use to propagate a meme.

… me thinks your reaching beyond reason on that one.

People don’t hear the not in “your’re not fucked up” until they are a little more conscious which the M$M is not xor not counting on.

#LOL … what “people do” or how conscious “they are” is never important. What is important is “how conscious are you?” and “what do you do?”. How is the M$M pulling your chain? What are you doing right now that is because of them and what they are doing? Where is your conscious attention? What are you still carrying?

That … is all that matters.

XOR something entirely different – I know where YOU are heading!

Where I am heading really doesn’t matter either … except to those who have a #FOBiC. ?

Where are you heading ⛵️? That’s the million? dollar question. When you are able to answer it authentically ? , then even the M$M ?  won’t be on your radar anymore. ?

XOR there is no such fear/phobia as #FOBiC & d’A…… is continuing to #MakeShitUp at a faster & faster pace for his own private world with little correspondence to the world the rest of us live in just to make himself feel good in a superior way.

Plenty of relevance to all those I daily associate with here and plenty to most under the age of 35. I get that it has little relevance to the reality you are dragging staunchly forward from the 60’s and 70’s though mark. Yes … very different. null ?

Yep, I don’t usually associate with a pile of wisdom-less, self-impressed, self-important narcissists. 
You may need some help. ?

Yes, I need some help. One can lead another to the light, but one can’t open another’s eyes ?  for them. I need some help with that. ?

Yep, I don’t need your help.