Automatic vertical image sizes

Mark de LA says ...
With the news & the 21 hidden comments when I click on an comment the positioning doesn’t work. It is almost useless.  Maybe start another thought this one is wasted munge of fruit loops.
This is something I have been wanting to add value to for a while. There are some other things I want to do as well, so today I ventured into setting up a 100% local TD instance … and found it amazingly easy due to the high quality of all my code. Only needed to tweak a few things here and there.  

As a result, I was able to implement auto vertical sizes for NEW images by developing the feature locally then pushing it via my phone thus minimizing internet bandwidth. Yes, NEW images. I don’t plan on scouring the database and fixing html img tag sizes on any older images which don’t already have a vertical size.

mark’s whiny tantrums and lack of responsibility for the quality of his own experience notwithstanding. I am doing this because I want to. Mark simply needs to get his head out of his ass and focus on creating his reality instead of facing it. It would benefit everyone if he would … especially Mark.
 #SeriTD and facilitating your changes to your reality ?


Never hire a programmer who swears back at you – my advice in that case would be to tell them to go fuck themselves. 

Notice how that image now has it’s own height in HTML so this whole post won’t shift around as images load no matter how many useless bullying memes you put on it.  

It’s the little things which count toward your experience, good or bad. Imagine how enchanting your experience would be if you allowed in a continuous flow of good little things like this, instead of just a trickle, as you do.

am i to take away from that that once the image has been uploaded, it’s size cannot be changed by another separate edit ?

hmmm …

apparently not!

Of course not. It just adds the vertical size to the IMG tag so that the browser knows how much space to allocate vertically for the image until the image is actually loaded, that’s all. Everything else is samo.

Thanks,  most normal users don’t care what is under the covers just that it scrolls OK and goes to the right place when you click on a link. The challenge has always been trying to format the size of pictures & text so that it looks reasonably nice; especially if exported to FB or some other platform.