Now's Your Chance to ...

Identify as a green, one-legged autosexual trans hermaphrodite …. null

One graduate student, Lydia Kelow-Bennett, told The Herald that this decision has led to “institutional invisibility” for these students. Brown defines historically underrepresented groups as “American Indian, Alaskan Native, African American, Hispanic or Latinx and Native Hawaiian and/or Pacific Islander.” The school’s diversity initiatives are intended to benefit members of these groups.

Brown’s criteria for historical underrepresentation “caused some students to not receive invitations to certain events, such as a multicultural student dinner,” The Herald reported.

notice the list of associated topics including Harvard’s Anal Sex Workshops. 
Somewhere, I will look up later, there is a article where someone in education claims that only “whites” can be accused as racist.    Maybe only men can be accused as sexual predators.
Lots of racial/sexual #FOMO – may be an epidemic on college campuses.


As you have probably noticed, there is ALWAYS an epidemic on collage campuses, no matter what the year. It is the natural state of the next generation seeking to evolve. In other words, it is a good thing. And I realize you didn’t specifically characterize it as good or bad … but it is something to keep in mind. Change is good. In fact, that all things will change is one of the 4 constants of reality. The #LOA being one of the other 4. See The Meaning of Everything - The Immutable Laws for more.

Yep the ming ye king has been written about ~ 2.5 millennia ago.
 new definition of life is that if an entity is not changing it is not alive & visa-versa! (***)