IPFS Inter Planetary File System

I am exploring this for the Tai Shu.  Ethereum uses it.

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol designed to create a permanent and decentralized method of storing and sharing files.[2] It is a content-addressablepeer-to-peer hypermediadistribution protocol. Nodes in the IPFS network form a distributed file system. IPFS is an open-source project developed since 2014 by Protocol Labs with help from the open-source community.[3]It was initially designed by Juan Benet.[4]


Cool. Personally I would build it to span alternate realities, not just other planets and star systems in this reality, since that is possible now. But its a great move in the right direction! ? ? ?

In other realities there may be no need to publish it at all – you can go get it all there directly out of it’s essence!

Well yes, essentially that is the case anywhere in any reality, and there are realities where that knowledge and skill are more commonly utilized, but part of being in a reality is to have the structured experiences a particular set of self imposed rules and circumstances give a person the ability to have. For instance as a similar idea, computers can be programmed to do just about anything … but we tend to only use a few programs that suit the experience we generally want from them, be it a game, or a blog, or email etc., even though the intrinsic nature of a computer is much more flexible and powerful than any one person commonly utilizes.

All I am saying is that it is about the right time for this particular reality to begin sharing information in and with other realities … the technology is becoming available for that to happen, a larger number of people in this reality are aware the possibility (due to the teachings of Abraham, Bashar, and several others), and I think it is time for us to do it … and the Bitcoin + Bittorrent model seems well suited as a backbone to span the thought boundaries with a technology implementation.

Go for it! thumbs up
BTW, reality, essence, etc may be absent elsewhere even in parts of what you call alternate realities. 
Enjoy the flow.
BTW, reality is one of those mungeable, debatable areas thus you are able to posit alternate ones.

Yes, so? Not seeing your point. Those BTW’s are essentially true. At the same time, reality is my experience of it … anything else would only be my imagination about it.

And my experience is not a munge, it is quite consistent. And what I experience is an essence, and it is quite solid.

I don’t see how knowing that some experiences of others have less essence than mine, or that the experiences of others can be created mungable, is helpful. Those are not my experience, i.e. not my reality.

So why bother to describe it to anyone else?  It’s all yours – does not necessarily apply anywhere else!null

What does that mean? Here, in this thread, I agreed with you about #IPFS and added what I see as the next step. After that, I responded authentically to your queries. So what is “why bother to describe it to anyone else” referring to? That seems to be a generalization of a behavior that I don’t participate in.

Nothing! – (consult zen xor Liber Legis)!

Sorry, I was participating in the conversation you initiated with a post which apparently held enough excitement for you to post it. I guess if you are not participating, then you are not.

My post is about IPFS not alternative realities!

And my answers are about #IPFS too! I talk about how Bitcoin and Bittorrent protocols (which the article mentions are the foundation of #IPFS) are excellent joint technologies to extend #IPFS into alternate realities!

How could I be more relevant and sensible in my conversation than that?

I bet if someone talked here equally about extending #IPFS into storing Tesla Car trip records you would be all into it. But because you don’t personally choose to experience alternate realities and technology transiting the thought boundaries between this reality and others, you are wanting to call my stuff graffiti instead of the intelligent conversation that it is.

Sorry mark, but I doubt you drive a Tesla Car either. IMHO you are cherry picking what qualifies as valid conversation and what does not according to your own personal bias … just like the M&M does, maybe worse. Intelligent conversation should be open to the well presented, authentic, polite, and reasonable ideas of all who have an interest on a subject.

Tesla car trip records is not an alternative reality – such may be possible in this reality given the use of Ethereum & IPFS. Doing it with channelers & without computers isn’t!

Here is some clues … this guy is into AI & Etherium & is where I got the IPFS reference.
& more of his stuff on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWN3xxRkmTPmbKwht9FuE5A 

Here’s a clue. Alternative reality, alternative country, alternative planet, alternative car … makes no difference. Another place or another device is just another place or device.

It is you, personally, who are adding the bias which skews the conversation around the outside of one particular place or device or another. Like anyone else, I talk about what is most prevalent in my own experience as it relates to the topic you have opened … and I stay on topic in doing so.

#AlreadyAlwaysArguing is YOUR shtick not mine.

This has nothing to do with arguing mark. I just want to be heard, like anyone else, as I am, as I think, as I talk, without having to jump through your hoops and conform to your filters in order to be heard and accepted. I don’t argue with you about content. I respect your content. All I am asking for is to not be censored by you just because you don’t have personal references for what I am saying … that’s all.

I am human too! (even if I don’t run my realities the way you run yours). ?

Yep Am getting rid of those comments that are not about IPFS! null

You did, like the ones about what it is to talk about something. Like this comment here.

You also got rid of my comments directly about IPFS … but just not about what you personally want to talk about IPFS … like my initial comment. That’s censoring … just like the M$M does. That’s bullying. I stand up to bullying like that. It’s wrong … as you say it is wrong when others do it … your right, it is, even when you do it.

It was someone with the same frame of mind as you just exhibited here who removed Peter Ralston from wikipedia.

You have no idea the depth of your own hypocrisy in this lifetime.

Yep. Just keep it up. Be a hypocrite by habit.

XOR – you could add back my few comments that were actually about IPFS. You could include my point of view even if it is disagreeable to your sensibility. You could be a mature upstanding and open minded human … today.

Then too there is Everpedia https://www.coindesk.com/encyclopedia-blockchainica-wikipedia-co-founder-disrupt-creation/  https://everipedia.org/

Maybe. It depends on who is allowed to vote for “these editors who are voted to have a very good state-change proposal get newly minted tokens”.

Also, information extends way beyond the traditionally apparent boundaries of this reality. Many people are already always drawing on information from other realities without realizing it. I see it happening often. How is voting going to get stratified in that situation? Would Peter Ralston really get a workable share of IQ votes if the voting pool is confined to one reality? He is, after all, a frequent multiverse traveler, even if he doesn’t consciously realize it. The information he often imparts could have come in no other way. If one understands the role of parallel realities in human thought … then Peter’s actual sources are very obvious.

There is no/very-little wisdom in the crowd.  Witness such in the political arena.  Lots of opinion is not worth anything to me. 
XOR https://qz.com/1024117/one-visualization-shows-how-morally-outraged-tweets-stay-within-their-political-bubble/ 


One graph shows how morally outraged tweets stay within their political bubble

Please stick to the bitcoin/blockchain content & argue & discuss somewhere else. eg group pellick

I do not argue … and I provide expanded idealology upon exactly the topic and even included relevant references from the respective articles, which I do read. I am writing about what you have posted, and only those things which relate to it. Parallel realities are highly relevant to this topic. How to do bitcoin and bittorrent exchanges between realities is a very hot and leading edge topic.

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