There are some who prefer their own words & concepts as if they think in a foreign language & refuse to use the language of polar opposites to their own.  Such is characteristics of many disagreements & much of the politics of today. (some call it the #RWG) 
I suspect that those in the major parties believe at the human level in much of the same stuff & it is “winning” & my privileges & my party which separate; particularly where money is involved – where money is much of a system of control these days.


Probably true as an observation of current state. But what I see built in is the premise that everyone needs to talk alike and think alike in order for life to move along happily. It is the premise that is causing discontent in peoples life. In fact, life continues to chug along quite well no matter what people think or agree upon. Just look at how well it is doing in these disparate times. The average person is hardly affected at all in any physical way. The only real changes are in their own mind space as they they have reactions to what is going on.

I think people have been socially programed to believe that everyone must talk and think similar in order for progress and happiness to happen. I think that is the real misalignment. If people would simply drop that premise then, just in doing so, they would almost instantly feel lighter and happier, and most would start gravitating toward the language, groups, people, and projects that actually interested that individual … no matter how different. If we stop thinking that we have to think like others, we start thinking in productive ways and start being inspired toward doing productive things.

I don’t think people have to think alike. As a matter of fact I think it is impossible: the point of this post.
Given good will, however & thinking from the heart workable solutions to collective vs individual challenges can arise.

When you say “think from the heart” I can only surmise that you pretty much mean the same thing I mean when I say “follow your excitement” … after all, excitement is the one pure emotion that does only come straight from the heart. True excitement cannot be thought up … it is a direct channel to what is most heart felt by an individual irregardless of what anyone else thinks or feels.

And right there is an example of how people can interact. We can simply agree on that connection I just made, for right now, and move with it for a purpose. What most people would do is try to be right in logic and language and thus find the disconnects “in language” in what was just proposed. It is not actually necessary to be right in language, or in principle, or in image to others … it is only necessary to find points in common “right now” and “for a common purpose” and use those now (and even drop them later if desired) in order to progress and co-exist in harmony.

My excitement, more an astral body kind of thingy, shows up in imagination through the head, inspiration through some combination etc.  My common purpose is to keep fastblogit running until I can get it into something similar to the peer-2-peer blockchain & planetary file system.

Interesting. FBI is essentially 3 different things.
  1. Stored information that can be accessed or browsed.
  2. An easy way of creating and accessing that information.
  3. A way of interacting with others in near real time on that information.
If all you want to do is transfer the information to something like the planetary file system, that’s not much to do. But then interfacing with and evolving that information and collaborating on it with others in a real time feeling way is quite another thing entirely. Without those, FBI would be just another blog at best, and just a journal for the most part.

Twitter etc can do the real time interaction & so forth with their hashtags all they want.
I claim a 4th  nicety & that is the organization of the info & finding it again (most of the time) is superior to facebook & twitter etc. Anyway it is the repository of the last 24,751 thoughts we have all shared over ~ 12 years w/ residue from even before that.  Began before Satoshi’s bitcoin paper did (~2008) for blockchain.
It can still be improved.  Perhaps some of the crowd sourced can be drummed up like  et al. 
There would be a need for a demonstration system which would attract likes from other people.
I don’t know of any other website that allows for in depth discussion as well as fbi.