IPFS Inter Planetary File System - comment 82787

Mark de LA says ...
Please stick to the bitcoin/blockchain content & argue & discuss somewhere else. eg group pellick


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nota bene →   contradiction & deframing is arguing! … & some form of the #RWG

Sorry mark. Just because you don’t like the content someone else is supplying does not mean they are arguing with you. I am supplying good and highly relevant, forward thinking, content and doing so without devaluing your content in any way. That is defiantly not arguing. And even these side notes are always and only in response to some comment you make. Like when you say “stay on topic” and I clearly show how I am staying on topic. That also is not arguing … if you don’t want a valued response to your comments, don’t make such comments.

These are not arguments. They are one and only one thing. Censorship. By you. That’s the only definition that can apply by any dictionary.

And furthermore. I have no idea what pellick means or what group pellick is for. Wasn’t Pellick a GOP running mate or something several years ago?

Go for the #huh !