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Si says ...
#LOL I am obsessed with honing the clarity of my experience!  

I am glad truth has nothing to do with language as you seem to think it does. If it did, we would be in a hopeless pickle! It is that many people do think truth has to do with language that creates mounds and mounds of legalese … huge racks of that truth shit in law libraries.  Truth is simply that which is so … it’s what you experience. You either represent what you experience accurately to yourself and then it is your truth or you authentically represent it to others and it is spoken truth. Or you don’t represent what you experience with authenticity and it is not truth.

As Zen showed us many many years ago, trees do not fall in the forest when no one is there to experience it. Reality is your experience of it. When you come across a fallen tree, THAT is your experience. Anything else is only your imagination. Others have their experiences. That which is not experienced IS NOT. ISness only happens (becomes manifest) when the experience box is opened. Until then, the cat is only a quantum cat, the tree only a quantum tree. ?             #truth #QuantumPhysics #SchrodingersCat
I wholeheartedly welcome your exploration of this with me. I welcome you on the journey. I don’t welcome graffiti like stuff about serial cat killers. Please talk about yourself and your journey and your truth. That is the juice … you are  


Your lack of a sense of humor could not penetrate into the domain of #SchrodingersCat experiment apparently! null

I put authentic comments right out of the story and rhythm of my current living on your posts and you call it graffiti?

But when you put trashy humor on my comments … comments I clearly care about a lot since I liked my own comment (It was so true and now thinking I really felt it when I re-read it) … and your trash humor is not graffiti?

it was just a joke on the #SchrodingersCat stuff – nothing more.  …. move along!

The point is that you relate to the world with sick jokes. Most of them having to do with shit, cunts, or the anus. They are personally very distasteful to me. But, it is how you interact with others. It’s the way you express your current state of being.

I relate to the world and others through #LOA. I see it in everything and can’t help but notice it and talk about it and use it’s language as I interact. I guess you find that distasteful.

Either both your trash jokes are graffiti and my #LOA based comments are graffiti or neither is graffiti. I vote neither ... because both are how we each communicate and making them both graffiti would just put a muzzle both of us.

The point is I want to be authentically me as I am inspired to comment on your stuff without you hiding and hacking it up and trash talking it. And I would do the same with your shit … it is you being authentic you in spite of that fact that it is literally mostly about shit.

Still picking fights & pretending you don’t fight.

Whenever I present a case for you to stop harassing me about #LOA, even one as well balanced as this case, you call it “picking a fight”.

It’s like when a bully cuffs a nerd on the back of the head while they are walking down the hallway and if the nerd says anything back to the bully “he’s picking a fight”.


Your obsessing on bullying can be relieved by looking in the mirror & studying who is the real bully here!  See someone who believed in LOA would not call others names & swear at them. Such would be #LOR - the law of repulsion.

I am getting that you have no sense of humor because you are so obsessed with yourself & have a porcupine quills ready at all time. Beetlejuice: