Thinking Coins

Thinking coins are now live. You can purchase this thought (with test coins for now) to uncover the documentation on how to use Thinking Coins™.

You make a thought purchasable in the thought settings dialog.

You will find your Thinking Coin™ wallet in the author menu under your picture in the upper right.

Inside your wallet you will find the ability to purchase (for now test coins), view your coins spent and earned, and cash out your coins.

The best way to accumulate coins is to entice other authors to purchase your articles. Then you will have plenty of your own coins to spend and may have extra ones to sell back for cash!  

The first two or three lines will be visible (including the top part of images, but not any widgets) when your thought is not-purchased. To see what your thought looks like not-purchased, you can view it in an incognito browser tab as a guest … since you always have the right to view your own thoughts or thoughts in a group you are a member of.


Hmmm… you are going to charge for figuring out what they are?  null

Yes, of course!

But, they are just test coins.

Note: Buying a thought does not automatically subscribe one to a thought for news. I believe this is the right thing to do … for once one is able to read a thought they may not have a further interest in it. Subscription should be more deliberate.

Subscription for news is only by three means.
  1. Liking a thought.
  2. Adding a comment to a thought.
  3. Someone else explicitly name tagging you in a thought. (subscription by proxy)
Hence, do not assume that people who have bought your thoughts will see future comments you add to it. Thought Block Chained Advertising is a case in point. I bought it, but I have not subscribed to it. Hence I did not know that mark added more comments to it until I happened upon it by checking up on where mark’s current attention was in cyberspace … a random event on my part.

Note: The Thinking Coin™ system has been updated to reflect that authors are only actually paid 65 hundreds of a cent (65%) for thoughts. The remainder goes to the house, in part, to cover operating expenses.