Youtube - Shelby

YouTube already has an advertisement system of reimbursing artists.


Can anyone see this comment without buying it.  What separates the teaser from the whole thing?

Yes. Currently comments are not hidden. I have been considering that.

What do you think about it mark?

As I said in the doc, the first 3 lines will appear, including top of images or videos, but not widgets. You can see that by going to the thought as a guest in an incognito browser tab.

apparently I didn’t earn any tUSD though when you bought it.

Because I have not bought it yet. I can only see the top of the video. I was working on some issues before buying it … but even then, I can’t view videos here with my limited internet so I have little incentive to buy it. You would mine more coins from me by writing your own content.  Maybe other people would be more interested in paying you for content created by others.

We seem to be looking at a good reason to have these comments hidden though!

Here is what I see ...

Now the comments are unavailable until the thought is purchased (notice I purchased this so I could leave this comment and now you are showing coins earned … should be showing the total coins earned in your wallet as well).

Also the Purchase thought news item should be bubbling in the news. #done