Cloud SQL charges this month

Looking at the charges so far this month (1 week in)

It would appear I have found a good sweet spot with GCloud for our particular use model. So many things to consider and configure, but the end result seems excellent. It looks like we have only used $1.25 the first week of January (and all of that out of your free credits). That will only be $5 / month if it holds.
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Apparently your icon disappeared, nathan

Yes, it should be back if you shift reload the page.

It happened yesterday afternoon. I traced it down to Seth’s Google account being disabled yesterday. There are a few odd places, like my profile image in the quads table, that were still using images from Seth’s buckets and his buckets no longer work – saying that billing has been disabled for the account. If you find any other images that don’t work I can investigate them. It is hard to find all these remaining ones scattered in odd fields here and there in the database … but they will show up now as broken if they are still pointing to Seth’s buckets.

Images are allowed to be cached by your browser for several hours so that’s why you must shift-reload to see them again even after changing the bucket url’s.

Am pressing the reload button with the shift key pressed on chrome & there is no change.  I also went to another browser Edge & it comes up OK

Okay. For whatever reason, that browser is still caching it. Should come back by tomorrow. I use the clear cache utilities in the browser developer consoles and that worked for me … but it would be tedious to give you instructions on how to do that. You can root around down there if you want or just wait.  Fact that it works in another browser proves it is just a caching issue in the one browser.

Well I guess I don’t need to see your avatar anyway.null

then too the avatar is still broken.

Still looking good. 2/3 of the way through the month and charges are only $5.39  
That’s a hell of a difference from the ~$75 Seth was paying!