a website i built entirely from quads

About: tagtalking.net (no longer in existence)

I successfully built this website entirely from quads.   I closed it down about a year or so ago … but it worked just fine.


Seth says
In all the implementations I have seen quads don’t necessarily decrease the code or complexity of the website, they only shift it around and sometimes make you stand on your head to make something work that would be simple in a traditional table based system.

One place they do shine however, is simplification of the SQL analysis. For instance, I am pretty sure you are missing indexes on some key columns that are slowing down some queries. With quads that would never happen as all 4 columns are always indexed … at least until you have to have a quadrature² query in order to get some information … then even a quad table slows down … like I say, it’s really just a tradeoff. Some things are well suited to it, others not, and most don’t really matter (FBI being one I expect that doesn’t really matter)
i agree.   I am not suggesting that whole websites should be built like i did group tagtalking .  

rather now i am suggesting it could be built from thoughts.

i mostly regurgetated this experience for the design of a quads table as seen in Repeating Quads Structure on tagtalking dev blog

but tagtalking was an interesting experience … you probably didnt even know that i did it.