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I am starting a new coding system for coupons that is easier to remember.   I will not stick the method in the code, but instead will use fastblogit tags to remember and retrieve old ones to clone. 

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Si says
nathan 2016-01-04 12:15:20 [item 19516#41003]
Now here you have what I consider a great use for tags.  This is one way I would use them. Since tags are part of your system, you might consider adding the “mine” tag to these items … then some playful or mischievous gremlin cannot come along and wreck havoc on your beautiful tagging system … and yet the posts will not have to be private. The “mine” tag is perfect for things like this.
seth 2016-01-04 12:21:45 [item 19516#41006]
nobody can “wreck havoc on my beautiful tagging system here” … all they could do would be to clutter it with irrelevant associations which i would just delete.  

but, who knows, i may get somebody tagging my coupon with something like to buy … and then it would show up in a room where buyers were looking …

then Wow woogie wee … I just got some free advertisement surprisesmug
nathan 2016-01-04 12:25:52 [item 19516#41007]
You mean I couldn’t go through and figure out some of your tagging and add those myself to the wrong items and other fun things like that? What is your issue with the “mine” tag anyway? It’s really perfect for when you want to use tags in a specific controlled manner for your own personal use like this. How does it help you for others to be able to play with tags on these items? No one would want to unless they were messing with you.
seth 2016-01-04 12:32:11 [item 19516#41011]
those irrelevant items would need to be in my group, otherwise they would only show in a river tag room. but if somebody was such an asshole as to intentionally continuously maliciously obstruct my thinking, i would eventually kick them out of this domain … or perhaps just request a setting that would ban that one individual from tagging my thoughts.
nathan 2016-01-04 12:37:13 [item 19516#41012]
Yes, but why leave it to fickel dump luck and hope there are no such intentions? By adding the mine tag nothing is lost and your system is tamper proof … perfect for a business use of this site.
seth 2016-01-04 12:43:40 [item 19516#41014]
because i expect more value in others tagging my thoughts, than i expect the kind of malicious mischief that you apparently are afraid of.  
nathan 2016-01-04 12:48:39 [item 19516#41015]
Okay. Fair enough. That’s not logic or common sense, it’s just choice and that is always fair. But if anyone else ever does tag these items (without having seen this comment obviously) you let me know. I would love to see such an example of inconsistent human behavior appear in my verse … and analyze it. I say others will only ever tag these to be messn with ya.  
seth 2016-01-04 13:13:37 [item 19516#41016]
well of course that depends entirely on the audience which comes to some domain.   but if you look, i expect you will see it already happening on facebook and G+ and especially on twitter.  

The malicious use of tags is something that may well go away for people of good will … just as soon as they discover for themselves the true value of making true natural language associations with their thoughts and allowing others to do the same.

You have not really done that yourself long enough to feel the benefit.  So your thinking on it seems like a couch potato giving advise to a athelete about how best to run a mile.
nathan 2016-01-04 13:37:48 [item 19516#41018]
Big assumption there. You admittedly use tags to supplement your self professed poor memory and make your memory and thinking easier. I don’t notice any issues with using my memory and thinking, they both work great and constantly improve over time as I tune them truer to natural principals. I’m not putting you down, I think it is great that tags work for you the way they do. However, purely in the context of your statement, I would not say that you are an athlete, but have become very skilled at using crutches. What I do, which is to continuously improve the skill and use of my native thoughts, seems more in line with what would be called athletic. I don’t seem to need tags to get most of the results you use them for. The facilities I was born with work fine for that.

What I would use tags for is systems, like your system for organizing coupons, and my system for tracking bugs. And for keeping “systems” clean and well organized, the “mine” tag is really great.

I do loose stuff here at FBI all the time, but that is not related to tagging. Virtually all the stuff I loose is inside comments, and they are not taggable.
seth 2016-01-04 14:03:05 [item 19516#41020]
nathan this is not about your excellent memory  … and not about mine which works quite well yet differently … and is certainly not about comparing the two  … that was a really  stupid place to go. 

this is about thinking in general,
and especially how thinking and language
happen in our culture,
apart from any single individual’s
particular memory.  
Well okay. Without the other things, it comes down to that I have tried your system for using tags (and am still trying variations of it with honest enthusiasm – when I try something it is full on or I don’t bother). So far, they provide more clutter than service. My entire environment is cleaner and I find things easier, and think clearer, without the extra weight and clutter and time spent with the use of tags … except where tags help with systemization of some particular task. I agree, we think different. For my thinking processes, tags are just extra mental churning that ends up with cluttered spaces. The things you advertise about them I do fine with without them … I notice no lack … but I do notice the extra thought cycles spent dealing with tags for no seeming gain.

Si says
seth 2016-01-04 14:11:16 [item 19516#41022]
re:  “I do loose stuff here at FBI all the time, but that is not related to tagging. Virtually all the stuff I loose is inside comments, and they are not taggable.”

well comment search is way up there on my wish list ...couldn't happen soon enough.

but in the meanwhile what i have done for a long time here, is to tag the whole thought if it contains a comments that make the association true.  i think that will work well even when we have comment search.

You don’t appear to appreciate that there is a grand difference between intentionally associating one thing to another and searching for something that was not intentionally associated.  The difference being what you bring to the table. 
nathan 2016-01-04 14:22:14 [item 19516#41024]
I actually tried that. Found that in most cases the stuff in the comments was so far buried inside threads with so many comments and threads per thought that I only had a slightly better chance of finding what I was looking for that way. Then there is the fact that the way we comment here, news to comment and back to news, does not lend itself well to finding the thought and tagging it at the time we make the comment. And the final thing is the one that doesn’t work for me for tags anyway … which is that beyond a few simple tags, I don’t remember what tag I might have tagged these things with … my memory does not remember tags and my mind does not reproduce what tag makes sense for a concept I remeber the content of. It works quite differently.

But yea, comment natural language search would work perfectly for this!  
mark 2016-01-04 16:49:51 [item 19516#41050]
very little of your stuff is tagged – meaning you haven’t really tried it much. One neat thing is instead of running a munge of comments on a single item is to make separate items with tags – easier to find.
Bullshit! All the stuff I want to find again is profusely tagged with all kinds of tags, trying Seth’s system. The stuff that ain’t tagged, I either know where it is and will never doubt it or loose it, or I dont’ give a hoot about it.

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