On sticky and groups.

The sticky thought feature simply replaces the old going forward. When you make a thought sticky to become the header it erases the old header and does the new sticky magic.

It works pretty much exactly as stated in 19629 with some extra stuff that makes it seamless, like when it appears in river or news the link takes you to the group instead of the item and other thoughtful things like that.

The first time a sticky thought is created it’s title becomes the group title (as seen in group lists etc.). From then on, the group title stays the same and can be changed on the group settings page. This allows you to have a group title for where one is needed without having a title on your sticky thought if you don’t want one.


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Seth says
seth 2016-01-14 11:51:04 [item 19648#42048]
hmmm ...
seth 2016-01-14 12:15:18 [item 19648#42049]
seems to work well … i like it yes

… but seems i get only one chance to title the group,  and then its hard (or impossible) to change the title.
nathan 2016-01-14 12:21:36 [item 19648#42051]
??? Not sure what that means. You can change the top post all you want, and switch them around all you want, and change the title in settings all you want. All you can’t do is rename the group name itself … and we covered the issues with that in another comment somewhere.
seth 2016-01-14 12:36:52 [item 19648#42053]
well fine … but see if you can change the title of this group to something more pertinant than the “FastBlogIt” that is there now.   i tried changing the title of group newgroup and i got one chance to get it right … thereafter it has just stuck … even after i deleted the thought that created it.
nathan 2016-01-14 12:41:41 [item 19648#42054]
I’m confused. Assuming “this group” is fbi. I changed the group title in settings, it changed fine. I added a title to the sticky header. It added fine. What is it you are wanting to change?
oh … okay … missed that

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